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Enrico Marini (d. 1 October 1998) was a resident of Raccoon City and an officer in the Raccoon City Police Department. Marini was among the victims of the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


Marini's had a promising career in the RPD and was assigned to its S.T.A.R.S. special forces unit, which was established to handle extreme situations most officers were not trained to handle. The force outlived its usefulness in 1998 when rapid population decline in the city led to a need for severe budget cuts, and Marini and the others were instead tasked with more routine police duties.

On the night of 30 September 1998, Marini and his partner Dooley were dispatched on a late-night call to the Arklay Mountains to investigate a reports of a body discovered near the Spencer Mansion. The two drove out in an RPD SUV, briefly stopping at Emmy's Diner for coffee. While en route to the mansion, the SUV was involved in an incident, whether an accident or an attack, which resulted in it flipping over. Marini and Dooley were injured in the crash and, without a radio, sought shelter in the mansion. While there, Marini was attacked by Labcoat Zombie, who violently tore into his neck. Soon after, he was found by fellow officers Chris Redfield and Richard Aiken, who had been dispatched in response to their lack of contact. Though they were able to kill his attacker, Redfield was unable to keep pressure on Marini's wound, and he bled to death.[1]