Enter Ada Wong is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 2 of Chris Story.


Captain Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans arrived in the room. They discovered what's turning mercenaries in Javo. A woman in a blue dress appears and she works with Neo Umbrella. She identified herself to Chris and Piers as "Ada Wong". She was claiming she's "innocent". She want to help them where the lab is. As Chris and Piers agrees, they are moving.


Piers: "Captain."

Carla: "C-Virus."
"That's what the guerrilas were calling it."
"Nice to see the cavalry's here."

Piers: "Who are you?"

Carla: "I work here. My name's Ada Wong."
"They held me hostage."

Chris: "C-Virus."
"That must be what's creating those J'avo."

Carla: "Yeah, I heard them saying something about that."

Piers: "What else did you hear?"

Carla: "Maybe you could put your guns down first?"

Chris: "Not until you give us a reason to."

Carla: "Neo-Umbrella."

Chris: "Neo-Umbrella?"

Carla: "The organization supporting the guerrillas."
"Or at least I think that's what they were calling themselves."

Piers: "So the C-Virus came from them."

Carla: "That's all I know."

Chris: "Thank you. We appreciate your cooperation."
"You're in charge of keeping her safe."

Finn: "Yes, sir!"

Chris: "Keep an eye on her."

Piers: "Will do."

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