Enter Al is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It is played during the "flashback" scenario, when the player is still inside the cabin. In the Japanese version, it is known as "Al appears" (アル登場 Aru tōjō?).


The survivors have taken refuge in a cabin, soon revealed to be Al Lester's home. He offers to take them down an old road to the next town, making a passing mention of a hospital nearby. Alyssa is intrigued, being familiar with such a place in the mountains.


Al Lester: "I don't get many visitors around here."
"I hear the city's in quite a state right about now."
"Well, there is an old road through these woods that leads to the neighboring town."
'"It's easy to get lost, I'm afraid. Let me show you the way."
"Let's hope no one gets hurt."
 "It's not like there's a decent hospital around here, after all."

Alyssa Ashcroft: "Hospital?"

Al: おや…客とはめずらしい"
Al: "街がたいへんなことになっておるらしいな"
Al: "たしかにこの森には隣町に通じる古い道があるが…"
Al: "迷うといかん…わしが案内しよう"
Al: "ケガでもするとまずかろう?"
Al: "近くにまともな病院でもあれば別だがね"

Alyssa: "…病院?"



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