"Entrance" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1] The scene introduces James Marcus.


After climbing the ladder in the sewers and removing the tile above them, they emerged in the hall of a building. Upon looking around, Billy then notices the Umbrella logo and realizes to his shock that they had just emerged in the Umbrella Executive Training School. Rebecca, however, ascended the steps nearby due to noticing the portrait. Upon getting a close look at it, she immediately recognized the man in the painting as being the same man who she had earlier encountered on the Ecliptic Express in shock. Billy, also noticing the painting, identified the man as being the first general manager for Umbrella, the deceased Dr. James Marcus.

Unbeknownst to either of them, however, they were being monitored by William Birkin and Albert Wesker. Birkin wonders who the girl is. Wesker, who was the leader of Rebecca's group, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service, informed Birkin that she was just a rookie of S.T.A.R.S.. Birkin then inquired who the man was, though Wesker admitted he doesn't know who he is. However, catching both groups off-guard, a PA announcement from Marcus crackled on and demanded for their attention as they reflect on the Umbrella motto and proceeds to recite it, with the nearby torches ominously focusing on the painting. On Wesker and Birkin's end, their security monitors then proceeded to be hacked into by the man from earlier. Chuckling ominously, the man revealed he had been responsible for the t-Virus outbreak at both the Spencer Estate and the Ecliptic Express, with William Birkin expressing shock at this. The man then reveals his motive was as revenge against Umbrella. He then proceeded to sing to the leeches, who then proceeded to recreate Dr. Marcus on screen, with Birkin expressing shock at the realization of who the man might be. The man then explained that years beforehand, Dr. Marcus had been murdered by Umbrella, while accusing Wesker and Birkin for helping Umbrella kill him, to Wesker's anger as the man laughs.


BILLY: The Umbrella Research Center? The first general manager, Doctor James Marcus.

BIRKIN: Who on earth are those people?

WESKER: She's just a rookie. A member of S.T.A.R.S.

BIRKIN: What about the male?

WESKER: I am unfamiliar with him.

MARCUS: Attention. This is Dr. Marcus. Please be silent as we reflect upon our company motto. Obedience breeds discipline. Discipline breeds unity. Unity breeds power. Power is life.

WESKER: Who are you?

QUEEN LEECH: It was I who scattered the T-Virus in the mansion. Needless to say, I contaminated the train, too.


QUEEN LEECH: Revenge... on Umbrella!

BIRKIN: Dr. Marcus?

QUEEN LEECH: Ten years ago, Dr. Marcus was murdered by Umbrella. You helped them, didn't you?

ビリー: アンブレラの幹部養成所か…

バーキン: 誰だ あの二人は?

ウェスカー: 女はS.T.A.R.S.の新人だ

バーキン: ふむ… 男は?

ウェスカー: 知らんな…

マーカス博士: ”静粛に 所長のマーカスである”
”「忠誠」 は 「服従」 を生み”
”「服従」 は 「規律」 を生む”
”「規律」 は力となり”
”その力が 全ての源となる”

ウェスカー: 誰だ 貴様は!?

女王ヒル: 洋館をt-ウィルスで汚染させた者だ
もちろん 列車の汚染もな

バーキン: 何!?

女王ヒル: 復讐なのだよ…

バーキン: マーカス所長!?

女王ヒル: 10年前 彼はアンブレラに殺された
お前達も 手助けをしただろう…?

BILLY: "The Umbrella Executive Training School..?"
"First Director"
"Dr. James Marcus..."

BIRKIN: "Who are these two?"

WESKER: "The woman is a S.T.A.R.S. rookie."

BIRKIN: "Huh... the man?"

WESKER: "I don't know..."

MARCUS (recording): "Silence. This is Director Marcus."
"I will tell you this training school's guiding principles."
"Loyalty births obedience."
"Obedience births discipline."
"Discipline stands alongside power."
"That power is the source of everything."

WESKER: "Who are you!?"

QUEEN LEECH: "The man who contaminated the mansion with the t-Virus."
"And, of course, contaimated the train."

BIRKIN: "What!?"

QUEEN LEECH: "It's revenge...! On Umbrella!"

BIRKIN: "Director Marcus!?"

QUEEN LEECH: "Ten years ago, he was killed by Umbrella."
"And you- helped them...?"


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