An environmental hazard in gaming is when something that is not an enemy AI can inflict damage upon the player.



Backdrafts pose a serious hazard in harder difficulties of Resident Evil Outbreak's "Hellfire" scenario. Opening a door with large amounts of smoke billowing out from under it will cause such an event. In HARD and VERY HARD modes, certain rooms (Room 201 in HARD, and the Store Room and Room 301 on VERY HARD, respectively) cannot be accessed as a result.[1]

Celing traps

Certain Rooms have ceilings that are rigged to close towards the ground, they cause an instant death if not disabled or escaped in time. They have appeared in Resident Evil, Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, Resident Evil Survivor 2 CODE:Veronica, Resident Evil 4, and the Lost in Nightmares campaign of Resident Evil 5.


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