Epilogue is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak, played after the credits when completing "Decisions, Decisions".


Radio operator: "Target will soon be in visual range."
"Hurry up, you only have fifteen minutes left to get out of there."

Pilot: "Roger."

Researcher: "Here are today's results."
"It's been six months, but the number's still the same."
"There's no way people could sustain life there."

Chief Researcher: "Not humans, no."

Secretary: "Sir, there's a call for you from the Head Office."

Chief Researcher: "Put it through."

Headquarters: "We'll start at noon, as scheduled. Is everything ready?"

Chief Researcher: "Yes. We'll be dropping two for each beginning with sample T4."
"The rest will follow at fifteen minute intervals."

Radio operator: "まもなくターゲットが有視界に入る"
"帰投時時刻まであと15分だ 急げ"

Pilot: "了解"

Researcher: "今日のデータです"

Chief Researcher: "「人間」は…な"

Secretary: "主任 本社からお電話です"

Chief Researcher: "つないでくれ"

Headquarters: "予定通り、 明日の正午から始める"

Chief Researcher: "はい サンプルT4から始め"


There are some flaws with the English translation of this cutscene. Headquarters asks for the samples to be sent off "tomorrow at noon", while the translation puts it on the same day.



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