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The Epilgue Files are unlocked after completing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, The player would have to beat the game (replay the game) 8 times to unlock them all. They show what happened to the Main Characters of the previous games after the events of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.

The Epilogue Screen, with all files unlocked.

Overall, there are eight epilogue files.

  1. Jill's Epilogue
  2. Chris's Epilogue
  3. Barry's Epilogue
  4. Leon's Epilogue
  5. Claire's Epilogue
  6. Sherry's Epilogue
  7. Ada's Epilogue
  8. Hunk's Epilogue

Further Notes

  • Playable characters Rebecca Chambers and Carlos Oliveira were not described in Epilogue Files, though Barry Burton, a non-playable character at the time of Resident Evil 3, was featured in an Epilogue File.
  • Barry reappeared as a playable protagonist and BSAA advisor in Resident Evil Revelations 2 .His daughter Moira, named in his Epilogue File, is also a main protagonist, and his daughter Polly appears in flashbacks.
  • Leon's Epilogue served a direct connection to the initial scrapped version of Resident Evil 4 and later the final game. This epilogue was later remade as a scene of The Darkside Chronicles.
  • Claire's Epilogue was specifically based on the ending of Resident Evil 2, in which Claire says that she intends to search for her brother and Leon mentions taking down Umbrella. Hideki Kamiya (Director of Resident Evil 2) comments that he added this line by himself and that it forced Noboru Sugimura (writer of Resident Evil 2, CODE:Veronica, Survivor, and Dead Aim) to replace the role of Jill and have Claire as the main lead in CODE:Veronica, which happened initially before Jill became main lead in Resident Evil 3.
  • Sherry's Epilogue was a direct link to her status prior to and during the events of Resident Evil 6.