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Episode 1 is the first episode of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.


"Now at an NGO in Penamstan, Claire discovers signs reminiscent of Raccoon City. Leon makes his way to the White House, unaware that it's under attack."
— Official Synopsis


It is October 2000 in the country of Penamstan. The provisional government has lost control and are faced with civil war. In spite of the existing UN peacekeeping efforts, the US Army takes direct action on the government's behalf. A special operations taskforce dubbed "Coyote Six" is sent out to a city 70 miles northwest of their base, which has been taken over by the insurgents. One of the helicopters is shot down, stranding Alpha Two in the city as the insurgents quickly swarm them. Despite clear orders to the contrary, the Mad Dogs drop down to secure the crash site and rescue survivors. The team finds one of the soldiers and drags him out of the helicopter, but they are attacked by more insurgents. In the night, the bodies of the other Alpha Two operators are hung up under a statue by the insurgents; while covering them with petrol ready to be set alight, one of the soldiers wakes up.

The setting jumps ahead to 2006, and the civil war has come to an end with the insurgents laying down their arms. Much of the country is in ruins, and refugees are reliant on the UN and TerraSave to provide food and shelter. Claire Redfield ventures into the city to inspect one of the camps and meets a young boy, paraplegic and mute following the military strike. He provides Claire with a drawing of what he saw in 2000 - masses of people eating one another. Claire is disturbed by the image, and recognizes it as evidence of the use of t-Virus or a similar bioweapon.

Some days after, the White House is placed on alert: an unidentified individual has hacked into confidential computer files. Normally, this would be indicative of state-sponsored cyberwarfare, but the computer was on a Local Area Network; the individual must be a civil servant employed at the White House or even a politician in the Graham Administration. The investigation is overseen by President Graham himself, his Chief of Staff, Ryan, and his Defense Secretary, Wilson. All people who were in the White House on the day of the hacking are subject to investigation to be led by four of their best agents: Patrick, Jason, Shenmei and Leon S. Kennedy. While Patrick is a rookie, Jason and Shenmei formally served in Penamstan, while Leon previously served in the US Army's Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team, is legendary in the government for the classified rescue of Graham's daughter, Ashley, and was instrumental in the response to a recent terrorist incident in Pittsburgh. Leon is running late, so the meeting takes place in the Oval Office without him.

Right as Leon arrives at the White House, the power goes out and the Secret Service springs to action, ready to take Graham to the Beast if necessary. When the back-ups fail to turn on, it becomes clear the mole from the previous night is still in the White House. The three agents leave the Oval Office to search for the mole, with Patrick running into Press Secretary Spacer, who has been mauled by an unidentified assailant. When he goes into cardiac arrest, Patrick prepares to resuscitate him only for Spacer to wake-up and attack him. Patrick is unprepared for this, and is almost bitten when Leon shoots him dead with a bullet to the head. Leon meets with Graham at the Oval Office and warns him of the situation; the escape to the Beast is called off in favor of the bunker. Leon, Shenmei and Jason begin scouring the White House for Zombies, while Patrick is sent down into the bunker as Graham's protection while Metro SWAT are called in as back-up just in case. They soon find the virus has spread rapidly, infecting dozens of staff members.

In the morning, USARMIID teams arrive to collect the corpses and disinfect the White House. After consideration, Graham decides it is best to cover-up the incident, and the victims are declared to have gone on leave; by the afternoon the White House is busy as normal. Claire arrives at the White House for her scheduled appointment with Spacer only to be told of the mistake with his leave. She does however spot Leon, who she confides in about her discovery about a biohazard in Penamstan. Later, the DIA investigation behind the hacking determines the stolen files discussed a bio-research facility in Shanghai, which Wilson insists confirms Chinese responsibility. A top-secret operation is drawn up, in which Leon, Jason and Shenmei are to infiltrate the Shanghai facility. They are flown to Guam and board one of the new Virginia-class submarines at Apra Harbor. Modified for SONAR stealth and provided with a modified ASDS, it is a state-of-the-art vessel.

A flashback to 2000 shows the Penamstani child watching the insurgents hang the Alpha Two operators from a makeshift bunker. Suddenly, the soldiers wake up and tear off their ropes before setting themselves upon the insurgents.


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