Episode 1-2 ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene to the second part of "Into the Depths", the first episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


O'Brian gets a phone call alerting him to the disappearance of Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat, who for reasons unknown travelled to a ship in the Mediterranean despite heading to Finland.


Clive R. O'Brian: There you are. Nice work.

Jill Valentine: No doubt about it, these corpses show signs of viral infection.

Parker Luciani: And I bet it's no coincidence they came though the FBC's blockade.

O'Brian: Well, we did all we can. Now we wait for the results to come back from HQ.
It's the emergency line.
Yeah. It's me...
Yes, that's fine. I'll take it from here. We'll have to speed things up. Starting now. ...Uh-huh.
Good, get to it.
Jill. Parker. You two are still on the case.

Jill: What happened?

O'Brian: We lost contact with Chris and Jessica.

Parker: When? How?

O'Brian: We're not certain. I've sent their last coordinates to your terminals.

Jill: The signal was lost over the ocean. I thought they were in the mountains chasing Veltro. But judging from their position, they must be--

O'Brian: On a ship. I'll go back to HQ, take charge of the search and rescue. You two will be my eyes out there.

Parker: Yes, sir.

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