The Episode 10-1 ending (tentative) is the ending to the first half of "Tangled Webs", the tenth episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Parker point his gun at Jessica. Raymond tells Parker that Jessica is the spy working on Morgan. They are arguing and Jessica shoots Raymond but Parker covers him and catching the bullet for himself. Also Jessica activates the self-destruction mechanism. As Jessica apologizing Parker and leaves, he tell Raymond to go after her.


Parker Luciani: Hold it right there.

Jessica Sherawat: Parker?

Parker: A spy has infiltrated the BSAA. Morgan's mole. And it may be you.
That's what Raymond told me.

Jessica: What are you talking about? We don't have time to—-

Raymond: Parker, subdue that woman.

Parker: Raymond... How?

Jessica: But, were...

Raymond: She's trying to activate the ship's self-destruct mechanism.
To destroy the evidence.

Parker: What!?

Jessica: Guys, this is getting out of hand... Not funny!

Parker: Come on, say something.

Jessica: Parker, it's me.

Parker: I can't trust you completely. Not yet. Put your gun down, Raymond.

Raymond: You're too soft. Don't be fooled, Parker.

Jessica: Stupid men.
I knew O'Brian had a lapdog.
I'll tell Morgan it was you.

Parker: ...Jessica...

Jessica: Don't worry about dinner. Now we're even.
I'm sorry, Parker.

Parker: Go after her...

Raymond: But, you—-

Parker: Raymond! Go!

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