Episode 10: Tangled is the tenth episode of Resident Evil: Revelations, and the first part of Chapter 4.


After agreed to split into their old partnerships, Chris and Jill investigated the ship's labs while Parker and Jessica headed elsewhere. She then told Parker to go to the bridge while she headed below to stop the sinking. In reality, she took a more direct route to the bridge in an attempt to activate the ship's self-destruct mechanism to destroy the labs and protect Lansdale. When she was caught in the act by Parker and an unharmed Raymond before she could, she revealed to them both that she was the mole in the BSAA, and tried to shoot Raymond again, but Parker took the bullet instead. She succeeded in activating the self-destruct mechanism and left, with Raymond in pursuit.


2:14 A.M.

Jessica Sherawat: He never got the hint. What a drag.

Parker Luciani: Maybe he's already taken, Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah, sure. Can we get started already?

Parker: Sure. We've been through hell before. It's nothing new for us.

Jessica: Yeah. Just like old times. The good old FBC.



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