Kyōen is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the April 16, 2015 edition of Weekly Shōnen Champion. The title 「狂宴」 roughly translates to "Wild Banquet".


Inéz raises her handgun at the creature in the temple. Marilou is awake but still on the floor. Inéz calls out to her, warning her to run, and begins firing at the creature's propeller blades in an effort to break them.

Out in the jungle, AD prepares a fire with his lighter and some fruit growing in the trees nearby. One fruit AD does not cook - instead he cuts the top off to use as a cup for drinking. Mayu is offered the fruit and drinks its juice. Mayu has little to offer AD as reward for saving her, so instead gives him her headband. The two are confronted by a zombified Kylie, who has blood all over her abdomen.

Elsewhere, Laura and her cameraman begin to suspect there is something wrong. The cameraman cannot reach anyone on the radio, while Laura doesn't recall what direction the beach is. As a competitive woman Laura is resistant to the idea of heading back to camp; still unaware of the crisis her main concern is not coming second. The cameraman sees a woman walking in the distance; he runs to her against Laura's warning. The individual is soon discovered to be Coco, who bites the man on the neck. Not satisfied with her fresh kill, Coco turns to Laura as a new victim, forcing her to flee through the jungle on her own. Laura stops running when she bumps into two more zombified contestants, both missing chunks of their shoulders and, in one girl's case, the top of her skull.



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