Hevanrī bīchi is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the April 23, 2015 edition of Weekly Shōnen Champion. The title 「ヘブンリービーチ」 translates to "Heavenly Beach."


Inéz shoots at the creature in the temple, which pushes its fans ever closer to her. Shooting has little effect, as the rotors deflect every bullet. Instead, Inéz changes tactics to distraction and shoots at overhanging fabrics which collapse onto the creature, giving Inéz and Marilou enough time to run out into the jungle.

Back at Emerald Beach, the beach crew are angry and confused: Idol Survival is supposed to be broadcast live, but all cameras have ceased functioning, and the cameramen are not responding on their radio headsets. As Director Espinosa rushes to the radio to sort out the matter himself, he is alerted that Grace, one of the contestants, has returned to the base. She quickly rips into the man's throat and moves on to Espinosa while he is in a state of panic.

Back in the jungle, Laura continues to run from the two Zombified contestants, who are able to keep pace. Seeing a clearing, Laura runs through it to reach the beach. However, she finds too late that the other contestants and their respective cameramen had already fled out of the jungle, transformed into Zombies and ate each other. With the last of the crewmen killed, the zombified survivors turn their heads to Laura.




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