Seizon-sha is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the April 30, 2015 edition of Weekly Shōnen Champion. The title 「生存者」 translates to "Survivor."


At Tominaga and Mayu's camp, the two face off against the zombified Kylie, who Tominaga had given up for dead following her impalement by Morio. He is forced to impale her a second time with a wooden pole. Mayu is shocked by his brutality, still finding it hard to accept the current situation. Another four zombified contestants show up at the camp and surround the two. Mayu recognises them as Alice; Stephanie; Linda and Cindy. Tominaga quickly realises that for the girls to be zombified their cameramen must be dead, perhaps leaving he and Mayu as the only ones left.

At Emerald Beach, Laura has managed to evade the Zombies and takes cover at the base camp. Spotting a pile of shovels, she considers arming herself with one for defence, though a Zombie is busy eating someone next to it. Slowly, Laura crawls to the shovel and, though she retrieves it, gets the Zombie's attention. Laura swings the shovel with all her strength and strikes the woman's neck, nearly decapitating her. While she looks out at the other contestants to work out a plan of escape, she trips as a Zombie crewman grabs her leg. She swings at his head and the shovel buries itself at cheek-level, cutting halfway through. However, the man still has enough strength to push it back, trying to leave her defenceless. A man runs out to Laura from the jungle, kicks the Zombie off her and fires a bullet from his handgun at the base of the Zombie's skull. The man introduces himself as Brown, who Laura understands to be the show's survivalism advisor, who asks her if she made contact with the man's bodily fluids, showing he knows about t-Virus infection. He is cut short from explaining it to her, as the beach Zombies have all heard the gunshot and most turn their attention to them.



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