Kasukana kibō (かすかな希望 (きぼう)?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published by Weekly Shōnen Champion. The title roughly translates to "Fleeting Hope."


As the Zombies at the beach turn their attention to Laura and Brown, the two survivors spot a man in a novelty monkey costume sprinting over to them. He removes his mask when he spots Brown's handgun pointed at him, revealing himself to be "Crazy" Alexander. After seeing Alexander, the Zombies begin shambling over to follow him to the camp. Brown suggests they find a way back to the White Castle, where he has spare weapons that could be of use.

Back in the jungle, Tominaga and Mayu are on the run from the Zombies again. They spy a cave and, hearing more Zombies approaching from their flanks, choose to hide inside it on the grounds they'll either escape or were already doomed before reaching the cave. The two do in fact spy a light in the distance and follow it to find a group of zombified villagers.



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