Howaito kyassuru-gō (ホワイトキャッスル (ごう)?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published by Weekly Shōnen Champion.


At Emerald Beach, Laura; Brown and Alexander reach some rafts. Unfortunately, they cannot use them to get to White Castle, as Brown points out the fuel hoses have been cut. Out of options, Brown jumps into the water and orders the two to swim to the ship with him. Brown and Laura make it, but Alexander is left stranded on the beach as his costume is not designed for swimming in.

Brown and Laura are greeted on the ship by Darrell, one of the ship's crewmen. Darrell is aware of what is happening on the island, but due to engine and communications failures, they can neither escape nor call for help. He and Brown come to the conclusion that too many faults have occurred over all - it must be a carefully-planned sabotage. Darrell suspects the show's producer, Mike D. Seaman, was responsible as he had access to the ship's equipment. He also notes the strange disappearance of the rest of the crew.

Laura meanwhile finds a group of surviving contestants, including her friend Molly, who had swam across in the initial panic. Molly sees Alexander climb onto the ship, having succeeded despite his costume. However, she casually notes the Zombies swimming after him.

Brown; Laura and Alexander race to Brown's room to collect his weapons, which are a revolver; a submachine gun and a shotgun. The three arm themselves and race back as the Zombies reach the ship. Brown fires his submachine gun at the first Zombie, striking her straight in the face and she falls back into the water. However, over a dozen overs take her place as what appears to be the entire beach have followed to White Castle.

Down in the engine room the survivors without guns are in hiding. Darrell notices Molly is shivering; he picks up a blanket and covers her. Only then does he spot a deep scratch mark on he right shoulder. She transforms into a Zombie and rips into his throat, splattering blood on the other girls.



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