Kurēzā no shitō (クレーザーの死闘 (しとう)?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published by Weekly Shōnen Champion.


Mayu and Tominaga hide behind rocks, hoping not to get the attention of the villager zombies. Morio arrives in the cave, holding two tree branches. Tominaga watches as Morio adds the wood to a shack he is constructing to live in. Tominaga ponders this, having seen Zombie horror films where the victims pursue a minor semblance of their former lives. They decide to head back. In doing so, Mayu accidentally steps on a human skull; while Morio does not respond, the village zombies are alerted.

Back at White Castle, Laura; Brown and Alexander continue fighting the Zombies, though are running out of ammunition. Laura is forced to fight back the zombified Molly by using her shotgun as a bar. Realising all of the White Castle survivors have not become Zombies, Brown orders the two to head upstairs for better protection. They climb to the roof, but the bullet-ridden zombies climb up. Giving up entirely, Alexander turns the revolver on himself and shoots through his mouth. Distracted, Brown is dragged away by Zombies. Laura spots Coco among the attackers, and tries to euthanise her with the shotgun. However, she realises too late she is out of shells, and instead starts swinging it around. Coco grabs the shotgun in her mouth, and Laura instead kicks her off the ship while she is unable to bite back.



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