Dasshutsu (脱出?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. The story title translates as "Escape". It was republished as the first part of volume 3.


The BSAA North American division is investigating bio-weapons in a desert. Alpha Team leader Chris Redfield is reminded by a subordinate that the BSAA unit sent to rendezvous with Claire Redfield will reach its destination soon. The manga cuts to Zanahoria, where the BSAA helicopter lands near Claire.

At the zombie village, Morio is surrounded by flames, with a fuel tank exploding. As the Zombies burn to death, Tominaga and Yuki make their escape attempt. Tominaga takes note of how Morio fell off a cliff into the ocean earlier, meaning he got to the village through another cave. He is proven right, and the two reach the beach. As they rest, they find Zi Li, who tells them she has been running through the jungle, and that the beachfront the Idol Survival crew were based at was attacked along with the tribal village they visited the previous day. Zi Li advises against staying in the jungle at nightfall, but as their only possible hope is the White Castle, the three head through the island to approach it, unaware it has already fallen.

Meanwhile, Bierce and Brown regain their breath from their dramatic escape from White Castle. Brown stops breathing and Bierce begins mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, thinking he has water in his lungs. When she feels his tongue, she realises he was only faking it. Expecting another Zombie attack, Brown sets up a trap. A man comes out of the bushes and sets on the trap, sending him into the air with his leg fixed to a rope. Brown realises the man was Tominaga and not a Zombie. Bierce gives them the bad news about the White Castle, with Brown adding their only chance for survival now is to set up a fortress by nightfall, which is less than two hours from now.



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