Episode 1: Paradise (第1話 楽園 Dai 1-wa Rakuen?) is the first chapter in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-released as part of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 tankōbon.


A man in a tribal mask is seen decapitating a boar with a spear to the beat of drums. Meanwhile, a silver-haired girl in a white bikini is running through the jungle, having apparently done so for quite some time and in a panic due to her being drenched in sweat, only to trip over a log. She then encounters her stalker, a giant man in a coat wearing a similar tribal mask and carrying a similar spear to the man earlier. She then screams before the man proceeds to impale her with his spear. Eventually, she dies after he leaves, while men are heard cheering in the distance.

A large yacht, White Castle, stops near Emerald Beach, Sonido de Tortuga Island. AD Tominaga, assistant director for the Japanese-American reality show Idol Survival watches as the production crew being unloading filming equipment into dingies. He is scalded by director Matthew Espinosa for daydreaming and told do his job.

As the crew set up base camp, AD is distracted by the model Yuki Mayu. AD had met Mayu several months earlier back in Japan (数か月前日本冬). Slipping over in the ice, AD interrupted filming preparations. The director was angry at him, but Mayu got him off the hook.

Meanwhile, TerraSave operative Claire Redfield arrives on neighbouring Zanahoria Island (サナオリア島). Exploring the local fish market (魚市場), Claire spots a bizarre fish; taking a photograph with her smartphone, she sends it to her partner Inéz Diaco. The fish is revealed to be alive forcing Claire to stab it with her combat knife. Elsewhere, Inéz takes a boat to another island in the chain. She awaits her schoolfriend Marilou Mabou, who might have information about the fish.

Back at the beach, AD is approached by rookie actress (新人女優) Zi Li, who notes that she hasn't seen Coco.[excerpt 1] AD goes on to meet the show's director, Matthew Espinosa. Comedian "Crazy Alexander" passes by, having angrily thrown off a teddy bear suit he refused to wear for the show. Matthew shouts out for a lighter, keeping AD on edge. AD confides in the director that he already doesn't like Coco.[excerpt 2] The director suggests he immediately go location scouting.[excerpt 3] Supermodel Laura Bierce walks into the tent to tell the two that Coco is a particularly bad drunk, having previously seen her dizzy and passed out on the beech.[excerpt 4] Moving back to AD, the director is cut off by Brown Anderson, the show's survivalist; as the show's advisor, he finds his duties of risk assessment to be more important.[excerpt 5] He then walks away, leaving a very bemused AD and Espinosa;[excerpt 6] Espinosa then orders AD to begin location scouting again.[excerpt 7]

Later, Espinosa takes AD; and Brown; Yuki; Laura and two other models out to explore Ague,[note 1] one of the native villages on the island. He is in awe at the village, but only sees it as a ratings gimmick and prefers it to be captioned in the show "island's uncivilized tribes".[excerpt 8] AD notices Inéz talking to Marilou on the other side of the village. Marilou quickly notices the filming and berates the crew for filming in their village without permission.[excerpt 9] Marilou ends up in a brief scuffle with the show's producer, Mike D. Seaman, who assures Brown that he can obtain it from the island's officials.[excerpt 10] Seaman pushes Marilou out of the way; Inéz catches her and then punches Seaman. Seaman complains that she is allowed to freely explore the island.[excerpt 11] She explains to him she is with TerraSave, sent to investigate the area.[excerpt 12] Seaman begins to sweat from worry, given their presence is usually an indicator of bioterrorism.

BIOHAZARD heavenly island Episode 1 Paradise ending

Coco confronts AD.

The villager in the tribal mask seen earlier steps out towards the group and grants permission for filming a village ritual.[excerpt 13] The masked villager then tears apart some chickens as entertainment. The sight of this shocks the visiting audience, disturbing Laura, who asks if what she is seeing is real.[excerpt 14] AD recognises it as Vodou, an Afro-Caribbean religion.[excerpt 15] A horror movie fan, AD recollects that Vodou involves the supposed revival of the dead as people called "zombies", and is the reason why the t-Virus victims share the same name.[excerpt 16]

Later that night, AD proceeds to investigate the Jungle with a flashlight. He sees a woman in a bikini nearby and asks who she is. He realises quickly this is Coco, who is appears injured but revealed to be a Zombie.



  1. The Japanese name for this village is Ague-mura (アグゥエ村?). It will be referred to as "Ague" until a proper localization can be found.
  1. Zi Li: "ちょっとADさん!! 朝からジューリーの姿見えないんだけど!!"
  2. AD Tominaga: "どうもモデルのココさんがいないようなんです".
  3. Matthew Espinosa: "ロケハン始まるだろ!! 捜せ!!".
  4. Laura Bierce: "ココは酒癖悪いからね…昨夜もフラフラ海岸出てたしどっかで寝てるのかもね―".
  5. Brown Anderson: "このロケの危機管理は俺の仕事だ捜してこよう"
  6. AD Tominaga: "この人…何かキレ者の雰囲気なんだよな…"
  7. Matthew Espinosa: "トミナガ!! ロケハンはすぐに始めるぞ!!"
  8. Matthew Espinosa: "ここ!! ここだよ!! 良い画になりそうだ!! いいねぇ… この何とも言えない場末感!! キャップションは 「未開部族の島」 でいこう!!".
  9. Marilou Mabou: "どちらの方ですか!? 無断での撮影は困ります…!!"
  10. Mike D. Seaman: "役人に金は渡している…何も問題ないはずだが…"
  11. Mike D. Seaman: "アンタこそ何だ? 島の住人じゃないだろ!?"
  12. Inéz: "NGO組織テラセイブのイネスだ
  13. Villager: "撮影はこの私が認めよう…村の儀式には誰でも歓迎する。 来るがいい…"
  14. Laura: "何これ? …リアルなの?"
  15. AD Tominaga: "この儀式には…見覚えがある!! これがブードゥーか!! ゾンビ伝説を生み出した!"
  16. AD Tominaga: "ホラー映画や都市伝説は僕の大好物でして!! ブードゥー教信じられている蘇った死者たち。 それがゾンビのイメージの元になったとされる"

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