Episode 1 Recap is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It plays before the "Episode 2: Contemplation".


It is the recap of Episode 1: Penal Colony.


Narrator: Previously on Revelations 2

???: Claire Redfield, you're coming with us.

Claire: Where have I been taken?

Overseer: So much suffering... You don't even know what to be afraid of yet.

Claire: Who are you?

Overseer: I am the Overseer.

Moira: Please, send help.

Barry: I'm here, baby. Please be alive.

Natalia: I don't have any parents.
Over there!

Barry: How do you know?
Well, that's one thing they left out of the brief.

Moira: Jesus, is anyone even out there?

Natalia: Your daughter's name is... Moira?

Barry: Yeah.

Natalia: She's dead...

Barry: What!?

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