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Episode 2 is the second episode of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.


"Leon, along with agents Jason and Shenmei, embarks on a covert mission to infiltrate a research facility in Shanghai aboard a nuclear submarine."
— Official Synopsis


A man is driving home in a truck, hearing on the radio about the Penamstan Provisional Government's arrival at Dallas airport for the upcoming peace talks. As he enters his bedroom, he freezes in place and drops a bag containing vials.

Returning to her motel in Washington D.C. after Spacer's no-show, Claire Redfield takes it upon herself to investigate Penamstan. Reviewing news footage and newspaper clippings, she pieces the information together on a wall. Among this information is the controversy surrounding the US intervention, such as allegations of it being orchestrated simply to intimidate the Chinese. Moving on, she begins looking at the men who served, only to find that out of the seven "Mad Dogs" who returned to their barracks in Texas five have committed suicide recently.

In a flashback to 2000, the Mad Dogs have dropped from their helicopter and have mad it to Alpha Two's crash site, taking fire from the insurgents on the way. They rescue an injured soldier, Jun Shī, who was crippled in the crash and needs to be carried out, but find no other signs of life. When reinforcements arrive with a rocket launcher, the Mad Dogs take shelter in a nearby building. Unable to make contact with HQ, they reluctantly agree to walk the 70 miles back to their base when nightfall arrives. The scene cuts to some time later as the Mad Dogs return to base with Jun Shī sealed in a body-bag despite clearly being alive. They talk about how they narrowly escaped the city as it was destroyed by MK77s, and suspect they interfered in a classified operation involving augmented soldiers and might be murdered to cover it up. While talking they are interrupted by Shenmei, then a Warrant Officer serving as a radio operator. Shenmei inquires about their radio communications made during the mission, letting slip that they were being deliberately ignored when trapped in the city.

Back on the submarine, Jason begins to open up to Leon about his days in the Army, with Leon being all too familiar with dealing with Zombies. They have separate views of things, however; when Jason describes the bombing of Raccoon City as a necessary operation to save the United States, Leon pushes back, still bitter over the Army's cowardly withdrawal from Raccoon City. The submarine is unexpectedly rocked, and Leon and Jason head to the bridge to investigate, only to find the bridge crew have been killed. While Leon heads over to the engineering section, Jason meets up with Shenmei en route to the vessel's midget submarine, an Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS). When they run into three surviving crewmen, the two agents murder them and enter the craft. Leon meanwhile arrives at the engineering section to find the engineers have also been killed, finding mutant rats had burrowed into their bodies. As it is unsafe to use firearms on board a submarine, Leon chooses instead to seal them behind a hatch. When a self-destruct system is triggered, Leon runs out to the ASDS, electrocuting another swarm of rats on the way. When Leon reaches the ASDS, Shenmei puts a gun to his head but is ordered not to by Jason. The two escape with Leon as their prisoner, bound for Shanghai as their mothership explodes. Its destruction is quickly noticed even in Washington, and Graham is notified of both the unexplained disappearance and a Chinese fleet being redirected to its last known location.

The ASDS reaches Shanghai, and Shenmei, Jason and Leon head over to a safe house that was set-up for their mission. Leon suspects the two are traitors who are working for the Chinese, and though Jason instead tells him he is working to expose a conspiracy within the government, he doesn't believe it. The discussion turns violent, with both men reaching for their guns; Leon comes out the victor with Jason sustaining a gunshot wound to the neck, but their fight has given Shenmei time to escape.


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