Buraun (ブラウン?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was republished as the fourth part of volume 3.


Tominaga is unable to pull the trigger to kill Anderson. Anderson himself is able to exert enough self-control to grab the handgun and shoot himself. With Anderson gone, Tominaga is unanimously made the group's leader. He keeps the handgun, while Bierce arms herself with Tominaga's spear. Bierce is more disturbed by Anderson's death than the others, having been with him on the beach and White Castle.A tree is suddenly smashed onto the ground, sending Yuki to the floor. The cause is revealed to be Morio.


  • Laura Bierce
  • Brown Anderson
  • Yuki Mayu
  • AD Tominaga
  • Zi Li
  • Morio


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