Hasamareta toriko ( (はさ)まれた (とりこ)?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was republished as the nine part of volume 3.


Morio impales a BSAA soldier through the heart, then jumps up and stabs a second. With the other soldiers distracted by Captain Luciani's warning of a second B.O.W., the first B.O.W. in the metal net escapes and kills a man with its propeller. Luciani orders Redfield to take the civilians away while he slows down the two B.O.W.s. He hands her a map so they can get to safety. When they are ready to leave, Redfield realises Mabou is absent. Mabou has already run away, but finds that Morio has caught up when she falls. Morio is suddenly unable to kill her, giving Captain Luciani time to shoot it. Tominaga picks her up and takes her away with the other civilians.


  • Morio
  • Parker Luciani
  • Claire Redfield
  • Takeru "AD" Tominaga
  • Laure Bierce
  • Zi Li
  • Yuki Mayu
  • Marilou Mabou


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