Taihi (退避 (たいひ)?) is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was republished in the ten part of volume 3.


As he and Mabou flee from the combat zone, Tominaga takes a shotgun and some grenades from one of the dead BSAA soldiers. He arms Bierce with Anderson's handgun, as they are led by Redfield to an apparent safe house. Morio begins to run at Captain Luciani. He is hit and thrown at a pillar. As he coughs up blood, the propeller-blade B.O.W. turns on Morio, and the two begin fighting.

Redfield and the others reach the ruins of the apparent safe-house, which appears no different in condition from the US military base. Redfield presses a button on a control panel, and the entire floor of the room begins moving down as an elevator. She reveals that the safe-house is in fact an Umbrella laboratory complex. Based on information she has recently acquired from BSAA headquarters, Spencer had the facility built after the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Zi Li whispers into a microphone attached to her earring, telling her operator at Sheng-Ya Pharmaceuticals she has found the lab they were looking for.


  • Takeru "AD" Tominaga
  • Marilou Mabou
  • Laura Bierce
  • Brown Anderson (flashback)
  • Inez Diaco
  • Zi Li
  • Yuki Mayu
  • Claire Redfield
  • Parker Luciani
  • Morio
  • Oswell E. Spencer (flashback)


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