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Contemplation is the second level of Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


For the purpose of clarity, Barry's section is set six months after Claire's, as it was with Episode 1.

Claire's Story

After Moira desperately calls for help inside the radio tower, she and Claire are now heading to the Wossek as instructed by the Overseer. Meanwhile, at night, Pedro Fernandez, Gabriel Chavez and Neil Fisher are being pursued by several Afflicted which Gabriel compares to Majini from Kijuju. They split up and Pedro and Gabriel are seen arriving at Wossek.

Arriving at Wossek, Claire and Moira are ambushed by Gabriel, mistaking them as monsters. Claire disarms him and identifies herself to Gabriel and Pedro. Claire informs him that she and Moira awoke in the abandoned prison facility and tells him that Gina is dead. Gabriel informs them that their member Edward Thompson is also dead. To better understand the bracelets, Pedro cut off Edward's arm, much to Moira's disgust.

The Overseer welcomes them to the "brink of true fear". She explains that, as part of her experiment on fear, all captive members were injected with a special virus. Gabriel is visibly dismayed by this revelation, but quickly dismisses it as taunting. The four discuss an idea to escape the island using an abandoned helicopter. Gabriel and Pedro stay to fix the helicopter while Claire and Moira search for any necessary equipment.

After they get the fuel and battery to Gabriel, they hear a siren which the Overseer has activated in order to lure more Afflicted. They quickly return to the bar to stop the siren. Knowing that they are surrounded, the chainsaw-wielding Pedro panics. Claire tells him to calm down, but Pedro's panic rises sending his bracelet into the red. The Overseer taunts them as the now mutated Pedro attacts Claire. Moira manages to save Claire by tackling the mutated Pedro. Neil comes to the rescue right as the duo is overwhelmed by the tide of Afflicted, dropping a ladder allowing them to climb to safety. Neil asks about the creature and Claire replies that it was Pedro and informs him of the viral injections the group was given by the Overseer and how the virus triggered on Pedro when he got too scared.

The Afflicted catch up to the group but are stalled by a gate long enough for Claire and Moira to be boosted up a broken ladder. However, as Claire tries to help Neil up the Afflicted break through the gate. Neil tells them to go, he'll lure the Afflicted away and meet up with them later. Arriving at the tower, they see Natalia as she runs away. Claire manages to stop her from running away and Moira goes to talk to Natalia, introducing herself and stating that they are which she shows the bracelet on her left wrist and Natalia looked at her bracelet. After defeating the Vulcanblubber, they manage to get in the outside of the tower. until they saw Gabriel is piloting the helicopter stating that he will get off this island. However, it was a trap made by the Overseer as the controls of the helicopter becomes broken into pieces which causes him to lose control of the helicopter. The Overseer taunts Gabriel that he is cheating.

In the confusion, Natalia is abducted by a mysterious assailant. Gabriel panics when he finds out his bracelet is turning red, signifying his imminent mutation and stabs his own hand. The helicopter spins out of control and crashes to a nearby building. With no other choice but to keep moving, Claire had Moira follow her in hope to discover Natalia's whereabouts.

Barry's Story

Natalia tells Barry that Moira was with her while they were heading to the tower which makes Barry ask her to take him to the tower. On their way to the tower, Barry finds the corpse of Edward Thompson, someone from TerraSave, and mentions that he wanted Moira not to get involved with TerraSave because of these dangers and consequences. Barry's vision becomes blurry in the presence of an invisible creature. After defeating the invisible B.O.W.s in the abandoned fishing town, Barry asks Natalia where her parents are, to which she replies that they died in the Terragrigia incident. Barry becomes saddened and assures her that she is a tough girl. After they pass through a wall where during Claire and Moira's story they fought a few waves of mutated rodents, someone acknowledges Natalia in a creepy voice while looking through a scope from the tower. Arriving at the abandoned building where Gabriel's helicopter crashed, both were still being watched. When Barry pushes the wrecked helicopter to the ground, they are attacked by a mutated Pedro. After defeating the mutated Pedro and taking his drill, Barry and Natalia arrive at the place where she, Claire and Moira witnessed Gabriel's death. The two find Gabriel's burned corpse by one of the wrecked cars. They finally get inside the tower and go to a storage room where they find a painting of Albert Wesker sitting next to a woman. Natalia tells Barry the woman in the painting is Alex Wesker. Barry was dismayed at finding out about a second Wesker, but interrupting is a feminine-ish creature with the same creepy voice as heard earlier. The creature attacks Barry and disarms him, mentioning how it knew they would come. It points at Natalia with its index finger and calls out her name. Barry looks at Natalia, surprised, while Natalia adopts a look of horror.




Claire / Moira
Barry / Natalia

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