Episode 2: Double Mystery is the start of Chris' story in Resident Evil: Revelations, and the series introduction to Jessica and the Fenrir.


BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat hunt for Il Veltro in a European mountain range. A jet carrying biohazardous material crashes nearby. Moving through a cave system, nearby, Chris and Jessica are attacked by a group of Fenrir, and Chris falls down a ledge. Afterwards, Chris; Jessica and O'Brian discover that Jill and Parker have fallen into Veltro's trap.

Meanwhile, Jill and Parker awaken from the knock-out gas and try to find each other while unarmed.


{Cutscene} "6:42 P.M."
"Mountains in Europe"

The camera fades into view as BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat walk up a mountain in a snow storm. Jessica is clearly tired from the walking.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Slow down, Chris."
  • Chris Redfield: "We're almost there, Jessica."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "I certainly hope so. My feet are killing me."

Chris reads from his mobile GPS device, which is the same as Jill's.

  • Chris Redfield: "Our source indicates the camp is on the far side of this peak."


  • Jessica Sherawat: "Maybe it's the weather, but I still can't make contact with headquarters. Who'd have thought we'd be stuck here for so long."


A plane flies over; its engines are on fire.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "The plane! My God, it crashed."


  • Jessica Sherawat: "There shouldn't be any shipping routes in this area."
  • Chris Redfield: "Then the intel we got on Veltro was on the money. Come on."

Chris and Jessica head towards the jet.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Jesus... no one could have lived through that."
  • Chris Redfield: "Investigate the site. Let me know if you find anything."

Upon opening the cupboard with a biohazard warning on:

  • Chris Redfield: "I found some faint traces of a virus here."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Chris, do you think we're dealing with Veltro again."
  • Chris Redfield: "Hard to say. I find it difficult to believe they survived Terragrigia though."

Examining the pilot's corpse and collecting the Flight Plan:

  • Examine: "He might have been Veltro. I'd better use the Genesis.
  • Chris Redfield: "The manifest should give us a lead to work with."
  • Chris Redfield: "If that's where they are, this mine should take us there."

{Cutscene} The way into the mine is blocked off by a gate.

  • Chris Redfield: "Jessica, I need a hand!"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Hold on."

Chris and Jessica both lift up the gate and go through before letting go of it. It drops behind them, sealing them in.


Chris and Jessica progress through the cave.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "This cave is too cold."
  • Chris Redfield: "You should've worn your thermal underwear."

A roar can be heard from elsewhere in the cave

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Hey, did you hear that?"

A pack of Fenrir run up to the pair.

  • Chris Redfield: "I think they're infected. Careful, Jessica."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "See? This is why I like Chihuahuas."

When the Fenrir are dead:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Was the plane transporting these things?"
  • Chris Redfield: "Looks that way, doesn't it?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Then Veltro is back from the dead..."
  • Chris Redfield: "Yeah, and we have to stop them before anyone gets hurt."

After dispatching another group of Fenrir:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "So. Jill, was it?"
  • Chris Redfield: "Was what? Stay focused."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "She was your partner from before, right?"
  • Chris Redfield: "Yeah, my partner. From before. What about it?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "I was, you know, just asking."

After exiting the cave into a valley, Chris will step on a loose ledge and fall.

  • Chris Redfield: "Oh, shit..."

Chris lands on the floor and tries to get up. However, his leg is damaged and he can't get up.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Chris! Are you Okay?"
  • Chris Redfield: "... It's just my leg. I'm not going anywhere for a while."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Hold on, I'll be right there."

When Chris has killed a number of Fenrir:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Damn it! Why now of all times!?"
  • Chris Redfield: "Damn, there's too many of 'em..."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Hang in there, Chris!"

If you are low on ammo:

  • Chris Redfield: "Shit, my ammo's not gonna last."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Aren't there anymore decoys?"

When you have killed more of the Fenrir:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Me and my sweet ass are on the way!"

When Jessica finally arrives, she will offer Chris her hand.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Can you stand?"

Chris gets up, with some effort.

  • Chris Redfield: "Thanks... I'll be OK."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Sorry to bring this up again, but..."
  • Chris Redfield: "Bring what up?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Do you trust me as much as Jill?"
  • Chris Redfield: "There's no need to compare. I trust you both. Besides, trust is based through actions, not words."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "That's so like you, Chris. It's always about the job, isn't it."

Leaving the caves, behind, Chris and Jill see the airstrip ahead.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Look. Is that the airstrip?"
  • Chris Redfield: "That's their hideout?"


Jessica looks out to the compound in front of her with her binoculars, seeing a cargo plane outside. Chris gets a call on his communicator.

  • Clive R. O'Brian: "This is Forkball, do you read?"
  • Chris Redfield: "Chris here, I read you, sir."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Are you alright? Where are you?"
  • Chris Redfield: "The interference here killed our signals. We're at Valkoinen Mokki Airport."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Damn it, it's all a setup."
  • Chris Redfield: "What do you mean?"

7:07 P.M.
BSAA Headquarters

  • Clive R. O'Brian: "I sent Jill and Parker to the Mediterranean on faulty intel, and now I've lost contact with them. I haven't heard from them since."
  • Chris Redfield: "How? What's going on?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Chris. You better look at this."

Jessica hands over the binoculars to Chris. Looking at the airport control tower, he sees the Veltro flag.

  • Chris Redfield: "That's impossible."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "O'Brian, you're not gonna like this. We found the Veltro crest."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Then stories of their resurrection are true. If that's the case, then--"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Then the setup that got Jill and Parker, it was all--"
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Yeah, I'd almost guarantee it."
  • Chris Redfield: "O'Brian, we'll go after Jill and Parker. I hope that's not a problem."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Not at all. Make your way to the Mediterranean, and we'll keep you posted."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Any idea what's going on?"
  • Chris Redfield: "We'll sort it out later. We have to move."

{Cutscene end}


8:32 P.M.
Guest Cabin

Jill wakes up on a bed somewhere on the ship, after having been knocked out by gas two hours earlier.

  • Jill Valentine: "What!? Where...?"


  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Jill?"
  • Jill Valentine: "Parker!"
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Where are you?"
  • Jill Valentine: "I don't know. A room I think. Somewhere on the ship."
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Dammit, bastard took all my weapons."
  • Jill Valentine: "Can you reach headquarters?"
  • Parker Luciani: "No, comms are out it seems. We should regroup."

Upon reaching a stairway:

  • Parker Luciani (via radio): Jill, you cant' fight without a weapon. Just do your best to dodge."

When you reach Parker:

  • Parker Luciani: "Jill! Are you OK?"
  • Jill Valentine: "I'm fine, but the ship's crawling with B.O.W.s"
  • Parker Luciani: "OK, we're going to need our weapons. I think I saw them on my way here, but I couldn't reach them. We should be OK as long as we work together."

When catching up with Parker:

  • Parker Luciani: "Wait, there are more creatures this way. I found this though. Think we can use it?"
  • Jill Valentine: "Yeah, it just might do the trick."

Exiting the first room of the library:

  • Parker Luciani: "The weapons I found are up ahead. Hurry."

Upon reaching the gallery:

  • Parker Luciani: "Jill, I found our weapons. They're in here."

When your materiel is retrieved:

  • Parker Luciani: "We got our equipment. Now what?"
  • Jill Valentine: "Now we contact headquarters and tell them what the hell is going on."
  • Parker Luciani: "We should be able to do that from the bridge. Let's go."

If you enter the nearby bedroom:

  • Parker Luciani: "This is the room I was stuck in. By the way, what's the deal with the guy in the gas mask? What's his game?"

Upon returning to the dining room, an ooze will crawl out from under a table.

  • Parker Luciani: "Dammit, these things are hiding everywhere."

Upon reaching the bridge

  • Jill Valentine: "I'm at the bridge!"

Upon examining the comm. terminal.

  • Jill Valentine: "We can't change our course. We're completely adrift."
  • Parker Luciani: "This is recent. The perpetrator can't be far."


The ropes to Jill and Parker's tugboat snap; the camera pans out to show that the boat is on fire. It then explodes.

  • Jill Valentine: "Don't tell me that was the tugboat..."
  • Parker Luciani: "Shit, we'll be stuck here!"

A red-haired man grabs hold of Jill; she manages to beat him off. Parker aims his handgun at the man, who is now on the floor.

  • Parker Luciani: "Freeze. Drop the weapon."
  • Raymond Vester: "Drop yours, Parker."
  • Parker Luciani: "Who the hell are you?"

Raymond aims his handgun at Parker. The screen blacks out as a bullet fires.

--end of level--


Mountains and mine

Continue heading up the mountain until you see a plane fly over. After that, your objective is to head for the crash site. When you get to the crash site, climb down and pursue your new objective: "search the crash site."

Near the plane, you will find a cupboard with the biological hazard warning symbol on it. Open the cupboard. After this, walk into the plane wreckage and open the door to the cockpit; the pilot's corpse will fall out. Use the Genesis on him to collect the Flight Plan. Now head through the mine on the opposite side of the plane from the side you entered.

Entering the mine, you will approach a gate with a small gap at the bottom. Continuing onward you will heard the sound of a creature howling. Moving onward further will take you to a more open area where several infected wolves ("Fenrir") will attack you. Dispatch them and head through the next tunnel to another opening with a bridge. A Fenrir will be blocking the bridge; dispatch it. Cross the first bridge and take out the Fenrir on the other side of the gap before jumping. Jump off the ledge to the next area, where more Fenrir will jump in. In this area there are a few B.O.W. Decoy grenades; they will be useful later.

Exiting the cave system, you will enter the valley. Jumping onto the next ledge will cause you to fall down to the bottom. At the bottom, Chris will be able to move, but will be temporarily unable to stand up. More Fenrir can be heard and will rush over to claim Chris' soon-to-be-carcass. Wait for Jessica, she'll provide some covering fire as she makes her way down to your location. If you have any of the decoys, they will be useful, here - it will take some time for Jessica to come to your aid, and killing them all will heavily drain your Handgun ammo. Eventually, Jessica will land on the ground and assist you.

Your objective now is to continue through the mines. Walk around the ground until you find a ladder to the upper levels. You'll reach another gate that the two of you must open together, like the one before.

Going through the gate takes you out of the cave and valley system, altogether. You are now out in the open, with an airstrip some where ahead.


You will get up from a bed in an guest room with the television on (though nothing can be seen other than static). A cupboard is blocking the door; push it out of the way. It leads to a bathroom with an exceptionally-dirty bath. Draining it may reveal the screwdriver; alternatively, it will be taped to the underside of the toilet seat. A creature will be heard entering the guest room when you do this. When you get back to the main room, an ooze will break out of the wardrobe. Stay near the TV and press evade when alerted to; the ooze will jump into the TV and brake it, electrocuting itself.

Go to the other end of the room, to the exit. Use your newly acquired screwdriver on the electronic panel next to the door, using the touch screen to unscrew each screw and gain access to the panel. After interfering with the innards, the light will turn green, unlocking the door. Be warned that, when in the hallway, an Ooze will be nearby. On the red door in front of you is a padlock and chain; as you have been disarmed, you must go around the Ooze and through the door to the right.

In the new, open room, head to the landing on the right and through the door now straight ahead. You are now in a public washroom where a Green Herb can be collected. Be careful, however, as an Ooze will escape from one of the cubicles. Go right out of the room and to the last door remaining, sending you to a hallway with lots of paintings and a red carpet. An ooze will walk past you at a "T"-junction. Turn left to the door into a private room to collect handgun ammo. A shotgun can be found on the wall, but will require an object to be set on a pedestal to release the clamps. Head out of the room and go to the only other door. The ooze from before will climb out of a chest. Turn left in the next hallway to reach the gallery. An ooze will be seen on the floor in a pool of blood; it appears to have been shot. Push the cupboard out of the way to reach the next door.

You are now in a large hall; head downstairs to the dining room, below. Parker will meet up with you at the door to the left. Follow Parker; he will give you three B.O.W. Decoys. Head through the double-doors into the library. There are two ooze in this room; use your new B.O.W. Decoys to kill one of them, giving you room to go through the next door. There are another three ooze in this part of the library; kill one of them and head to the exit. You'll encounter the third near the door; use your last decoy on it, grab the Green Herb and exit the room. More ammo and weapon parts for customization can be found in the gallery.

Kick down the metal door next to Parker, where your weapons are being kept. Head back into the library; be careful, as it has been repopulated by Ooze. Continue onwards to the dining room. Returning to the gallery, another ooze will fall from a vent in the ceiling; if you can't avoid it, kill it and leave the room. Continue down the red-carpeted hallway and into the large landing; a more grotesquely-mutated Ooze will be in your way. Make sure it doesn't reach you and go around the room. Kill the "normal" ooze to guarantee yours and Parker's survival.

Continue onward to the first hallway you were in - just after getting out of the guest room. You can now shoot out the padlocked door or slash it with your knife. Turn right to the elevator and call for it. When you and Parker are both on board, tell it to take you to the bridge.

Head through the hallway into the next room; go through the door on the left and through the next door. You are now in the bridge. On the left terminal immediately in front of you, claim the Handgun ammo case. Examining the central terminal will reveal that the communications system has been damaged. This will end the level.

Further notes


Easter eggs


When localizing the script, one of Jessica's lines was misspelled: where she should have said "Who'd have thought we'd be stuck here for so long", she instead says "who'd of thought..."


The shotgun on the wall in a guest room is a reference to the shotgun that can be recovered in the Spencer Mansion in the original Resident Evil. Unlike that shotgun, the one in Revelations can only be recovered by first placing in an object to release the camps.



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