Janguru no yoru is the second chapter in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-released as part of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 tankōbon.


Realising that Coco has transformed into a zombie, AD Tominaga runs out of the jungle for safety, bumping straight into Laura's breasts as she stands on the beach with Mayu. When he tells them Coco is in the jungle, Laura briefly checks with her own flashlight. Seeing nothing, she slaps him in the face, threatening he'll get a lot worse coming for sexual harassment the next time he touches her.[excerpt 1] Mayu takes AD away from the area, inviting him to a party being held.[excerpt 2] Back in the jungle, the masked villager carries Coco's zombie away.

On Emerald Beach base camp, the party has ended with a number of people passing out from drink, despite production being scheduled for the next day.[excerpt 3] Zi Li and Mike are among the few people left awake on board the White Castle. Mike takes up the opportunity to flirt with Zi Li, and persuades her to take her bra off with insinuations that he can help her with her career, much to her annoyance.[excerpt 4] While he talks, the masked villager climbs up the side of the ship. The two are interrupted by klaxons coming from the engine room.[excerpt 5] They find the engines destroyed with oil spraying everywhere; Mike tells Zi Li to keep the whole incident a secret to avoid any problems with shooting.[excerpt 6] The masked villager meanwhile has returned to the beach. AD Tominaga wakes up at the camp, still adamant he saw Coco and it wasn't a dream.[excerpt 7]



  1. Laura Bierce: "さっきの儀式のせいで夢でも見たってヤツ? ADさん…ふぅーん。 それはそうと……次同じ手でセクハラしたら訴えるからね!!"
  2. Mayu: "クランクインのパーティーが始まっちゃうよ!! 急ごう!!"
  3. "すでにパーティーは終わり…明日したの撮影に備え皆それぞれの夜を過ごしていた…"
  4. Mike D. Seaman: "こっちに来い…船には今私たちだけだ…意味は分かるよな… したたる水が刺激的じゃないか。 いい画だ……よし。 ストップ!! そこで脱いでみろ。 裸のパフォーマンスも女優には必要なキャリアだ… 売れたくないのか? ぜひ私にアピールして欲しいね… お前の魅力全てを…"
  5. Mike D. Seaman: "今の音は!? 機関室からか!?"
    Zi Li: "そんな… エンジンが……"
  6. Mike D. Seaman: "撮影に支障を出したくない… このことは秘密だ分かるな? やれやれ… こんなに活溌だとはな…奴を早めに見つける必要ありか……"
  7. AD Tominaga: "あのココさんの姿… 絶対夢なんかじゃない…ブードゥー教をあがめる島民…この島は一体……"

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