Episode 2 Recap is a cutscene in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It plays before the "Judgment", the third level of the game.


It is the recap of Episode 2: Contemplation.


Narrator: Previously on Revelations 2

Pedro: Mother of balls, my life is awesome.

Moira: That bitch struck a needle in me?

Overseer: Fear triggers the virus.

Neil: Claire! Get up the roof!

Moira: See? We're like sisters.

Overseer: Oh, my dear little Gregor. That's cheating.

Moira: Claire! We lost the girl!

Natalia: Moira was trying to get to that tower when I was her.
Barry! There's something right there!

???: Oh, I've been waiting for you.

Barry: Wait... Well, that's one hell of a parking job.

Natalia: Me and Moira got separated here. The nice guy came and got me.

Barry: Two Weskers?

???: Natalia...

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