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Episode 3 is the third episode of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.


"Claire discovers a grim scene at the home of one of the last surviving members of the Mad Dogs Unit. Shenmei warns Leon about an ominous conspiracy."
— Official Synopsis


Claire Redfield is continuing her investigation into the use of bioweapons in the Penamstan Civil War; finding all but two servicemen in the "Mad Dogs" have recently committed suicide, she heads out to ask one of the remaining veterans some questions, only to find she is too late.

Meanwhile, Shenmei has abandoned all pretence of continuing her mission and goes instead to her family's mansion outside Shanghai. There she meets her grandfather, Yu En, who has been taking care of her brother who is in a vegetative state. Leon however has tracked her down and bursts into Jun Shī's room having taken their butler Hao Ran hostage. At gunpoint, Shenmei explains the situation Jason was warning him about. Explained through another flashback, Shenmei was handling radio communications between Wilson and the soldiers in the city, though was not permitted to respond to the Mad Dogs request for evacuation, even when they reported having picked up a survivor from Alpha Two, Jun Shī, who is her brother. When they unexpectedly arrived at the base, Shenmei confronted them, only to find Jun Shī alive but afflicted with Cannibal Disease. Since then Shenmei has been working with Jason trying to find evidence to publicly out Wilson for conspiring to deploy bio-weapons in Penamstan. Though dismissive of Jason, Leon finds Shenmei more persuasive when she shows him what remains of her brother.

In another flashback, seen from Jason's perspective, night has fallen in Penamstan. The Mad Dogs have been trapped in a building after dragging Jun Shī out of the wrecked helicopter, and are preparing to make a break for the Army base carrying Jun Shī. Suddenly, they hear a commotion outside and witness a mob of civilians brutally attacking the insurgents. The mob soon breaks into the building and are wiped out, but only after biting the soldiers. Jun Shī, who is barely conscious, begs for his medication, an "Inhibitor" stored in one of his bags, which he says is to stop people from "turning like them". This reveals to the Mad Dogs the Army was aware of such a disease and that soldiers infected by it were sent out on the mission deliberately.

Shenmei continues explaining the situation to Leon. The Mad Dogs files false reports about the incident, though only Jason and Shenmei were prepared to investigate Wilson while the others were retired out. Shenmei then used her family connections to have Jun Shī quietly smuggled out over the Chinese border to escape euthanasia. After six years of investigating, Shenmei and Jason had until recently come no closer to exposing the conspiracy, though a breakthrough has been found with the discovery of a computer chip planted on Jun Shī when he was infected, which takes biometric data on behalf of the B.O.W. manufacturer, who they may be able to identify. Suddenly, the mansion is destroyed in a bomb blast; the ceiling caves in, crushing Jun Shī, Hao Ran and Yu En.

In the Oval Office, final preparations are being made for Graham's speech for the upcoming Penamstan peace accords. The speech is inflammatory, accusing China of a plot against the United States and calls for the continued military presence in the region as a bulwark against Chinese expansionism. Ryan is aghast at the speech and Wilson who co-wrote it, but Graham sides with the latter due to the evidence they have available. As they head out of the White House, Claire arrives once more. Having found a suicide note at the soldier's house, Claire confronts Wilson of his involvement in the use of bioweapons, but it ignored.

Leon and Shenmei stand alone in the ruins of the mansion, though still have the computer chip with them. Shenmei begs Leon to hand it over to her so the conspiracy can be exposed to the whole world. Leon however is unwilling to destroy the United States' reputation in the process or risk a kill/capture order on Shenmei. He is instead more concerned about what caused the explosion, and deduces that Jason is a mutant and, still alive, is planning to conduct acts of terror in revenge for his experiences in Penamstan, rather than truly seeking justice.

When Claire returns to her motel, she is attacked by Secret Service agents loyal to Wilson and its tazed.


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