Shi no koroshiamu (死のコロシアム?) is the thirty-third issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series.


Dr. Dirk Miller continues describing the events on the island to Claire Redfield. He reveals that other people beyond Mike D. Seaman have come to the island seeking its secrets, but all agents have been killed. The creature, dubbed "Morio", is explained as retaining some of his human memories that surface occasionally. Morio was able to escape from the researchers into the jungle. Described as a failure, the researchers had to abduct a second individual to use as a B.O.W., explaining the propeller-bladed creature. As he is talking, the propeller-bladed B.O.W. enters the room, which he names the Schraube Dämon.

Meanwhile, Zi Li has escaped the group after the Hunter attack, and successfully gets in contact with a Sheng-Ya hovercraft near the island. She confirms that Umbrella's "legacy" is on the island, and a highly armed and armoured team of Sheng-Ya's soldiers begin their attack. Zi Li enters Dr. Miller's room to confront him.



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