Sabaibaru gēmu (サバイバル・ゲーム?) is the thirty-fourth issue in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. Its title literally translates as "Survival Game". It was re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume.


The Schraube Dämon singles out Laura Bierce and Marilou Mabou as his targets, distracting him from Takeru Tominaga, who fires at him. As the Schraube Dämon turns to face Tominaga instead, a flash grenade is tossed at him. Temporarily blinded, he begins swinging his propeller around wildly. With the door sealed, the group's only chance of escape is via air ducts, but no one can reach it. It is agreed that Yuki Mayu; Mabou and Zi Li will stay behind, while Tominaga; Claire Redfield and Bierce distract the Schraube Dämon. It is only then the group realises Zi Li's absence. The B.O.W. attacks, but Redfield manages to jump into the vent by climbing onto it. Tominaga realises that since the B.O.W. fights the strongest, it would naturally ignore the girls as only he has attacked it.

Meanwhile, upstairs Zi Li has wrapped razor wire around Dr. Dirk Miller, pulling tightly to cut into his skin. As Redfield moves through the air conditioning vent, she hears his screams and moves closer.



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