Saigo ni nokorishi mono (最後に残りし者?) is the thirty-sixth chapter in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. The title translates as "Last Person Remaining". It was re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume.


Laura Bierce believes herself to be infected with the virus and takes off away from the others. Takeru Tominaga leaves Yuki Mayu and Marilou Mabou to check on her, and is warned he may have to shoot her. Yuki and Mabou meanwhile head into Dr. Dirk Miller's office to meet with Claire Redfield. The window observing the culture room cracks, caused by Morio being thrown into it in his fight with the Schraube Daemon. Ultimately, Morio succeeds in killing his foe, which the computer recognises as him being the final specimen. The computer asks for one of the researchers with S-level security clearance to proceed to the next step of the experiment, at which point Dr. Miller falls out of a cabinet, having been garroted.



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