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Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro is the third chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations.


This episode is set one year before the main story, in the last hour of the Terragrigia Panic of 2004. The FBC has decided to end their three-week war with Veltro in Terragrigia, and use the city's satellite to neutralize the artificial island, exterminating the B.O.W.s. The BSAA, unable to fight without materiel support from the FBC, also evacuates. By the time the level begins, only four FBC members and the BSAA's director remain. Their base has now been compromised by Hunters due to the lack of armed guards.

Parker and Jessica hold of the Hunters while their comrades escape to the helicopter pad. Unable to hold the hunters any longer, the two FBC agents head for the elevator, where they discover that the B.O.W.s are climbing the tower. Unfortunately, the elevator brakes down before they reach the top, forcing them to take the stairs.

Eventually reaching another elevator, the two make it to the heliport just in time to escape. They watch as the city is destroyed by the very thing that gave it life - the sun.

In the modern day, Parker demands from Raymond the reason for the FBC's presence on the ship; he receives no answer. Parker and Jill head out to the emergency communication room to use the spare comm. equipment, but are forced to dispatch the mutated comm. officer first in order to receive the key.


One Year Ago

Federal Bioterrorism Commission operative Raymond Vester stands by a wall, breathing heavily. FBC head Morgan Lansdale is on the phone, while another two FBC agents - Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat - wait impatiently. Parker approaches an injured Raymond.

  • Parker Luciani: "Still hurting, Cadet?"
  • Raymond Vester: "No... I can still fight."
  • Parker Luciani: "That's the spirit."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "It's over... the city is finished."

Parker sighs and turns back to Lansdale.


  • Morgan Lansdale (to phone): "Your efforts are commendable. This is one wake up call which was long overdue... Fine work."

Morgan ends his phone call.

  • Morgan Lansdale: "Jessica, Parker-- come in. The facility has been breached. We're closing shop. Prepare to go home. Split up and get to the helipad on the roof. That's an order."
  • Parker Luciani: "I'll cover the hallway with Jessica. Cadet, make sure they reach the heliport."
  • Raymond Vester: "Fine."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Parker, they've started evacuation procedures here."

BSAA head Clive R. O'Brian enters the room.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "O'Brian?"
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "I'm the only one left, Director General Morgan. The BSAA has pulled out. I want you to know that the FBC is making a huge mistake."
  • Morgan Lansdale: "We have been at war for three weeks in an attempt to handle this matter. There have been rescues. There have been losses. Too many. But any further delays would simply cripple our cause. Surely you can understand that."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "I'm afraid I cannot. Obliterating the site by satellite is only a quick fix. We could loose crucial evidence."
  • Morgan Lansdale: "Use of the satellite has already been approved. We can clean up this mess."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "I guess you've thought of everything. Even the FBC may not be able to cover its tracks on this one."
  • Morgan Lansdale: "Let the heavens scorch the earth with justice."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "These unilateral "solutions" of yours will only create a new Veltro, perhaps a dozen of 'em."
  • Morgan Lansdale: "Yes, there's the rub. Men like us can exist thanks to groups like that."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "And you'll just let all those people die..."
  • Morgan Lansdale: "Are you finished now, Director O'Brian? Everyone, you have your orders. Move into position. Raymond, with me."
  • Raymond Vester: "Yes, sir..."

Morgan leaves the room, followed by a limping Raymond and Director O'Brian, leaving Parker with Jessica.

The two agents head out into a large room.

  • Parker Luciani: "You think this is it?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Not if we shoot all them sons of bitches first."

When Parker gets to the bottom of the staircase:

  • Parker Luciani: "Here they come! Open fire!"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "I don't think the two of us will be enough!"
  • Parker Luciani: "If we wanna make it outta here, it's gotta be. After this, we head for the chopper."

When the first three have been eliminated:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "How many are there? Did Veltro make them all?"
  • Parker Luciani: "We can't contain this. God help the world when they find out. Everyone will equate Veltro with terrorism."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "I think that's what they're hoping."

When the Hunter horde is dealt with:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "That takes care of that."
  • Parker Luciani: "Right, now it's our turn to get on that copper."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "That elevator should still be operational. This way."

Following Jessica, Parker sees Hunters climb the tower and over the windows.

  • Parker Luciani: "They climb the walls, too? Great..."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "We'll be cornered. We have to hurry."

'Upon the elevator door closing:

  • Parker Luciani: "Sorry to drag you into this."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "That's fine, but you're buying me dinner next time. And I'm ordering lobster."

The elevator starts shaking.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "What the--!?"

The elevator opens, but it isn't the rooftop.

  • Parker Luciani: "Broke already?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "And that was the last working elevator. How do you feel about stairs? Actually, I'm not sure how I feel about stairs..."

Leaving a locker room:

  • Parker Luciani: "So, what do you think about that O'Brian guy?"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "The BSAA director? Not my type."
  • Pareker Luciani: "*Laughs* That's not what I meant."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "I think he's in the right. He needs to stand up to Director General Morgan."
  • Parker Luciani: "Yeah, I agree. I think being in the FBC distorts your moral compass."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "You sound just like him. Still, I wouldn't mind being on the right side of the fight."

Upon reaching the staircase:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "The elevator's on the sixth floor! Hurry!"

When leaving the offices:

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Are you kidding me!? A dead end?"

When reaching the shutter:

  • Parker Luciani: "We can get through here. Give me a hand."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "OK, I'm coming."

A pack of Hunters run up behind Jessica.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "For the love of God!"
  • Parker Luciani: "Jessica, hurry!"

Jessica reaches the shutter and the two succeed in lifting it. They climb under and drop it behind them, sealing the Hunters.

  • Parker Luciani: "Persistent little bastards. I hope this holds 'em."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Come on, the elevator's just ahead."

Upon calling the elevator

  • Parker Luciani: "Damn. Come on!"
  • Jessica Sherawat: "They're almost here!"

A hunter smashes through the window.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "They're hear!"
  • Parker Luciani: "I think they're hear for you. It's because you're a flirt."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "Sorry, I don't date cannibal monsters."

If Jessica doesn't get to the elevator for some time:

  • Parker Luciani: "Jessica, what are you waiting for!?"

When the elevator sets off, it begins shaking like the last one.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Jesus, I thought it was gonna stop again."
  • Parker Luciani: "Yeah, we're fine. But that was crazy. I can't believe Morgan decided to fry the city with the solar energy satellite."
  • Parker Luciani: "Yes, wiped off the face of the Earth. By tomorrow morning, Terragrigia will be just a name in a history book."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "...We did do everything we could, right?"
  • Parker Luciani: "I hope we did."

The elevator door opens

  • Jessica Sherawat: "Well... Just don't forget about that lobster dinner you owe me."
  • Parker Luciani: "Heh. When have I ever gone back on my word?"

Upon reaching the heliport

  • Raymond Vester: "Get the lead out, we gotta go!"
  • Parker Luciani: "OK, ladies first!"


The three helicopters take off. Jessica and Parker ride the last one out and watch as the satellite prepares to annihilate the city. First the glass begins to shatter.

  • Parker Luciani: "It's triggered a chain-reaction. Look, the city."

The inverters next to the solar panels begin to explode from overloading.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "The city's so bright..."

A hunter in the streets is exposed to the intense rays. It squirms in pain before disintegrating. With the city's materials being heated up, gasses are released en masse, causing a windstorm as the roads fall apart and the towers collapse. The city literally collapses in on itself.

  • Parker Luciani: "And Terragrigia is... no more."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "We came to help, but did nothing..."


9:00 P.M.

The gunshot from Episode 2: Double Mystery is fired, but fails to hit anyone; it is revealed to have been from Parker's handgun. Raymond turns back to Parker.

  • Parker Luciani: "Raymond? That's you, isn't it?
  • Raymond Vester: "Heh. The BSAA... A little too late."
  • Parker Luciani: "What is the FBC doing here?"

Raymond chuckles.

  • Parker Luciani: "Answer me, Raymond!"
  • Raymond Vester: "I don't have to answer anything. You have no authority over this."
  • Jill Valentine: "There's no time to fight. We've gotta--"

Raymond walks away.

  • Parker Luciani: "Raymond! Stop right there!"
  • Raymond Vester: "Nothing will change unless you get your hands dirty."


  • Jill Valentine: "So the FBC is on this ship, too. What's going on here?"
  • Parker Luciani: "We're operating without any intel. We need to search this ship for answers. Not that I relish that idea."

Upon acquiring the ship's map from the study under the bridge:

  • Jill Valentine: "We should find an emergency communication room if we go through the hall."
  • Parker Luciani: "We should go to the emergency communication room, maybe try to contact headquarters."

Upon returning to the bridge:

  • Parker Luciani: "Alright, we got to find Raymond."
  • Jill Valentine: "How do you know him?"
  • Parker Luciani: "I used to work with him. Let's leave it at that."

When reaching the large hall:

  • Parker Luciani: "Now this is what I call a cruise ship. It's like an opera house in here."
  • Parker Luciani: "So, where is this emergency communication room?"

When you find the door to the communication room locked out:

  • Parker Luciani: "Jill, someone posted a note here."

When you have read the file:

  • Parker Luciani: "The promenade deck is next to the hall. Let's go. We should be able to find the key we need."

Entering the promenade, the same line will repeat itself:

  • Comm. officer: "Mayday, mayday... this... is the Queen Zenobia. Emergency call number... Mayday, mayday... maaaaydaaaay!"

Upon entering the main promenade:

  • Parker Luciani: "Looks like we found the promenade deck."

Walking further around the promenade deck:

  • Parker Luciani: "There's monsters hiding behind every corner."
  • Jill Valentine: "And we have yet to find one survivor."

When you have claimed the Lifebuoy key from the dead comm. officer.

  • Jill Valentine: "Is that the key to the emergency communication room?"
  • Parker Luciani: "Yeah, let's leave this monster-infested hellhole."

When about to leave the promenade deck:

  • Jill Valentine: "I hope the equipment in that room will work."
  • Parker Luciani: "Don't jinx us now, Jill. Your bad predictions tend to come true."


Jill and Parker enter the emergency communications room only to find that Raymond has beaten them there.

  • Parker Luciani: "Raymond!"
  • Raymond Vester: "Looks like we both were too late."
  • Parker Luciani: "What are you talking about?"

The camera moves away from Raymond to the comm. equipment, which has had its cables ripped out and is smoldering.

  • Jack Norman (recording): "Ignorant creatures who do not yet know of us, time has come -"
  • Jill Valentine: "Both of you, look."
  • Parker Luciani: "Our little masked friend."
  • Jack Norman (recording): "... But if my words be seed that may bear fruit of infamy to the traitor whom I gnaw, speaking and weeping shalt though see together."

Scene cuts to BSAA headquarters in England.

  • Jack Norman (recording): "'I know not who thou art, nor by what mode Thou hast come down here.' The world is in our hands."

Jack shows a red vial.

  • Veltro recording: "This is the t-Abyss virus, and we are equipped to infect one-fifth of the Earth's waters."

Jack releases the virus into a fish tank. The fish suddenly mutate. Quint coughs up his coffee in reaction.

  • Quint Cetcham "He's turning guppies into Jaws.
  • Keith Lumley "Shh! Quiet."
  • Jack Norman (recording): "And even a child could guess what will happen next."

Jack removes his gasmask.

  • Jack Norman (recording): "We are Veltro, vengeful messengers from the depths of the inferno."

Scene cuts to a BSAA helicopter, where Chris and Jessica watch the recording via their laptops.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "So this is our man. I knew it was Veltro."

Cut back to recording.

  • Jack Norman (recording): "'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'."
  • Quint Cetcham: "'Abandon hope'... He's quoting Dante."

Cut back to helicopter.

Cut to O'Brian in BSAA headquarters

  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Yes, I read you. I'll send Quint and Keith."
  • Quint Cetcham: "What!?"
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "You two, get ready to move."
  • Quint Cetcham: "Aw, I hate snow."
  • Keith Lumley: "Snow hates you."
  • Clive R. O'Brian: "Just find out anything you can on Veltro."

Scene cuts back to the helicopter. Jessica looks out to see with her binoculars.

  • Jessica Sherawat: "I don't see a thing. I thought the Mediterranean was just like... a big lake."
  • Chris Redfield: "Be patient. Finding a ship at sea is like finding a needle in a haystack."
  • Jessica Sherawat: "No kidding! But that still doesn't solve our problem. Hey, are you even listening?"
  • Chris Redfield: "We'll find you, Jill... I promise."



O'Brian and Lansdale will talk for some time. Search the room for any spare handgun ammo. After they and Vester leave, you are to pursue your first objective; kill all enemies in the hallway to aid in your teammates' evacuation. Go through the double doors in the opposite side of the room from where Lansdale and O'Brian were. Go down the left stairs - the right staircase is blocked off.

When you get to the bottom, three Hunters will attack together. When they have been dispatched, more will jump down the stairs and from the area underneath the landing. Continue to defeat them until Jessica says "That takes care of that." Collect any items you can find and then follow her up the staircase opposite to where you descended. Continue up the next staircase, where you can see Hunters climb the tower. The elevator is just down the hall; be careful, as a Hunter is standing inside the elevator already.

The elevator will brake down before reaching the top, and you will be forced to take the stairs. Head through two hallways and into a storage room, where a Hunter will smash through the window. Entering an area of offices, a blocked-off corridor will force you to go through a maze of conference rooms. Another storage room will contain extra ammunition and grenades. Reaching a downed elevator, you will find the Benelli M3 shotgun. Switch to it; it will be useful when the Hunters move in. Continue down the hallway and through the orange door.

In a locker room, now, search it for spare weapons; some grenades can be found. In the next room you will be at a T-junction. The left and forward paths are blocked off, with a Hunter jumping over the forward blockade. When the Hunter is killed, you will be able to jump over the forward blockade to continue your path. Eventually you will make it to the staircase; head upstairs (obviously). The next elevator is on the sixth floor; you are currently on the third. Around level 5, the Hunters will burst in. At the top floor, burst through the door and head right. Before the double doors, turn right again and collect the ammo.

Through the double doors you'll find yourself in a room of computer cubicles. Jump over the barricade and turn left. Watch out for Hunters hunting in the room - they low gait may hide themselves below the walls. Be sure to check the lockers, too. Encircling the room, exit through the orange door. The area to the left is blocked off, so head right down the long hallway where the shutter is. After you make it through the shutter, continue through the hallway to a large room. Loot the room of precious machine gun ammo before hoping aboard the elevator.

With the elevator called, the Hunters will attack. You must hold them off before it arrives. When the elevator arrives, get in right away; the Hunters appear to come in endless waves.

When the elevator stops, simply continue through the hallways and up the stairs to the heliport. This section of the level will end.

Queen Zenobia

You are now in the Queen Zenobia's bridge in the present day. Walk downstairs and take two right turns into a conference room of some sort. Ammunition and a B.O.W. Decoy can be found here, as well as the Helm Key. Leave the room and go to the other side of the hall; open the door with the new key. You are now in a private study with a small library. Head to the other side of the room - examining the chair will reveal the body of an officer. Shotgun shells can be found on his body. On the nearby bookshelf is the crest, which is necessary for acquiring the shotgun from the cabins. On the wall against the window is a map of the ship; remember to take this before leaving.

As the elevator under the bridge is down, you must go back upstairs to the one you rode on in Episode 2. Be warned: an ooze will be in the locker room before the elevator. Head for the upper cabins. Head down the hall and take the left door around the corner. Take the door on your left in this hallway. Take a left when you're in the two-story hall. In another hallway (this one has a red carper), take a right and then through the left door - in this cabin, you will be able to use the crest to claim the shotgun. Taking it triggers an ooze to walk out of a nearby wardrobe, however. Go back into the hallway and through the door in front of you. Take two lefts into the gallery. Be warned that ooze will respawn here. Head through the next door.

You are now on the upper level of the dining room. Be warned that a ranged ooze will be on your left. Go downstairs and take a right to the door gated off. Now that you have the Helm Key, it can be released, allowing you to enter. You will now find yourself in a massive multi-story hall. After reaching the door to the comm. room, you will find it locked. Head down the stairs and through the door on the other side of the hall to the promenade.

Promenade deck and boss

You cannot head into the promenade, proper, through the shutter down the stairs, but you can claim some shotgun shells. Otherwise, simply take the door to the right. Don't forget to take the M40 rifle from next to the shelf at the end of the hallway.

If you do not desire to upgrade or change your weapons with the nearby weapon box, leave into the main promenade. It is advised that you keep hold of the rifle, however. Entering the promenade, a ranged ooze will be on another bridge aiming at you; dispatch it.

After walking around the upper level, you'll find yourself at a shutter that isn't entirely down. Jill and Parker will lift it up to enter, but will then be sealed in. Look around the promenade for more ammo and herbs. When you are done, head for the room where the Comms. officer can be heard banging against a door. Shoot the lock out from the balcony (or at the other end of the room if using the rifle) when you are ready to face the scagdead. Be warned that it will kill you when it catches you.

If the scagdead passes by any of the red canisters, shoot them out to slow it down. If you opened the door from the balcony, you can shoot at it repeatedly and it will not be able to catch you (its AI doesn't allow it to recognize enemies through a window). Consequently, you can keep firing it until it leaves the room. When it disappears, jump through the window. It will not head back into the room until it sees that you aren't on the balcony, first. As this way of fighting takes up a lot of time and ammo, it is preferred that you don't spend all of your time on this method. When you think that its HP has been lowered, enough, you can head to the other end of the promenade, using the other canisters along the way. Be warned that more ranged ooze will attack you, so take advantage of being at the other end of the window to taking them out, but don't get carried away, though - the scagdead will still kill you in one hit.

With the scagdead finally dead, you can now claim the Lifebuoy Key. Head back out of the promenade deck the same way you came in. You'll require the Lifebuoy key to exit the promenade, considering how the shutter is now down. When you're back in the promenade, simply unlock the comm. room door to end the level.

Further notes


Easter eggs

The Queen Dido can be seen sinking when the camera moves back to the helicopter right after Terragrigia is destroyed. It's just before Parker says "And Terragrigia... is no more."



Jessica compares the FBC's (part of the US Government) decision to destroy Terragrigia to Congress' decision to destroy Raccoon City some six years earlier.



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