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Judgment is the third chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It is split in two parts, with Claire and Barry's stories set six months apart. It was released on March 10, 2015 in North America for PS3 and PS4 and March 11, 2015 in Europe and Japan for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PC. The chapter comes bundled with the boxed retail version.


Claire's story

The duo continue to look for Natalia outside of the Monument, but come up empty-handed. Claire finds a note at the Monument's entrance which appears to be from Neil, telling any survivors to head to the factory - the Kierling. The Overseer greets them as they enter the industrial area of town which is home to a large slaughterhouse and a storehouse. finds Neil's ID card; the Overseer tells the two over their bracelets that they must go through the Kierling and solve a puzzle in order to progress - Claire's recollection of Greek mythology helps them find what they were to look for as they require three parts of a replica liver in order to use on the large statue of the god Prometheus, which blocks the door needed to progress. The pair explore the abbatoir and wine storehouse, collecting the parts of the liver.

With the Prometheus statue complete, it explodes and finally allows entry into what is revealed to be a wine storage building. They hear a recorded message, but are unable to understand it due to it being spoken in Russian. Moving further in, they find the factory to be on fire - part of the Overseer's trap - and are faced to jump out a window into a waterway below, in order to escape the subsequent explosion. Moira believes this to be the good luck they've been waiting for, after being tormented too long- if the Overseer thinks they perished in the explosion, she wouldn't prepare any more traps. The two travel the waterway into an underground sewer. There, they meet the aging Evgeny Rebic, who seems to be the only other human survivor on the island. Believing the two foreigners to be in some way working for the Overseer, he refuses to help them, but unlocks a gate for them to pass by.

As they get to the end of the sewers, the two find what appears to be an underground cemetery. Continuing through, they find a staircase and follow it to a larger facility - the bottom of the Monument. They enter a room where they find a document implicating Neil's involvement in the TerraSave abductions and the experiments - specifically his guest book for the party. This confirms Moira's initial suspicions that he was never infected, having seen his bracelet coloured green. Looking at a monitor, Claire sees Neil have a meeting with Alex where the two confirm his involvement, Neil having believed his actions necessary for advancing the War on Terror with his friends' martyrdom. Desiring a sample of the Uroboros Virus for use in vaccine research, Alex betrays Neil by infecting him instead. She denounces his desire to continue the FBC general secretary Morgan Lansdale's work, and leaves him to his fate.

Claire and Moira leave the room only to find Neil exit a nearby elevator. Neil apologises for his failure but is adamant his heart was in the right place. The virus then transforms him into a large creature, with Claire and Moira forced to kill him. They manage to knock him unconscious and take the elevator upstairs. Neil's mutant form damages the elevator, and proceeds to climb the shaft intent on killing the two. Neil pulls the two off the elevator and all three crash to the ground.

An injured Claire tries to reach Moira, she is attacked by Neil but finds she dropped her handgun in the fall. She slowly drags herself to the handgun, but can't move fast enough. Moira works up the courage after Polly's accident to grab the handgun and kill Neil. The creature falls on top of Claire and Moira has to drag her out.

The following scenario happens depending on player choice, and leads to the "bad ending" of Episode 4.

An injured Claire tries to reach Moira, she is attacked by Neil but finds she dropped her handgun in the fall. She slowly drags herself to the handgun and kills Neil as it climbs over her. The creature falls on top of her and Moira has to drag her out.

Alex watches the entire fight on her monitor at the top of the Kierling, soon diverting her attention to Natalia, who is confined inside a capsule and sent to the bowels of the laboratory.

Barry's Story

In the present, the deformed woman is calling at Natalia; pointing at her maliciously while Barry reacts with confusion and fear. When the woman finally removes her mask Natalia reveals her to be Alex Wesker, another of the "Wesker Children" created by Umbrella decades earlier. Barry then asks her where Moira is, to which Alex tells him that she buried Moira and the rest of the survivors beneath a mountain. Alex says that there is one more person she must kill: Natalia. Several Revenants appear and corner the duo. Barry threatens to kill Alex later, instead shooting at the ceiling to block the Revenants' attacks with debris.

Escaping the Monument, Barry finds that Natalia was injured in the ceiling collapse and he carries her for some time. Thinking about what just happened, Barry accurately deduces that Alex -who Natalia also known as the Overseer- was responsible for Claire and Moira's experiences on the island six months prior.

Natalia remembers some parts of her time with Neil and Alex, telling Barry that Alex wanted to be "reborn" though the virus. What Alex wanted with Moira, she can't say. As they enter the sewers, Barry opens up about his family life: as a child Moira once played with one of his guns and accidentally shot her sister Polly. Barry regrets shouting at Moira, knowing it was an accident, and believes it to be the catalyst for their poor relationship. Remembering his daughters at such a young age, Barry vows to save Natalia if it's too late for Moira.

Continuing through the sewers, Barry discovers the body of Evgeny, who has recently died from natural causes. Moira's mobile phone is found on his desk, containing messages for Kathy, Polly and Barry, expressing her love for them. She also apologises to her father at the end, believing herself to be a bad daughter, something Barry disagrees with.

The duo make their way through an abandoned mine, with evidence suggesting Alex used it in her experimentations with the virus. As they exit, they are confronted by Alex, who throws Barry off a ledge and begins strangling Natalia. The girl open her eyes, revealing them to have turned into an unusual shade of red. She breaks free from Alex's grasp and the woman screams in agony at the sight of Natalia.




Claire / Moira
Barry / Natalia

Further notes

In the event which Claire drops her handgun because of Neil's grasp, the player still has the option to not let Moira pick the gun, but have Claire try to reach her gun and shoot Neil herself. This will affect the ending seen at the end of the game: Moira will now be dead, having not overcome her fear of firearms (this ending is considered non-canon)


  • The Kierling shares its name with the place where Franz Kafka died, hence Alex's term "the place where all things come to an end."
  • This episode marks the first physical appearance of an unmutated, Alex Wesker. She shares similair traits to that of her genetic twin, Albert Wesker (blonde hair and calm, calculating tone of voice) In her mutated form, she still caries some humanoid traits such as her human-like face and hair.
  • The message on Moira's phone, which is found by Barry in the second half of the chapter reveals why Moira, when asked by Claire in episode 1 to obtain a weapon, she chooses to use a crowbar instead of a firearm. This message also confirms the name of Barry's wife, Kathy.