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Episode 4 is the fourth and final episode of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.


"Secretary Wilson threatens Claire's life, demanding that she drop her investigation. Leon and Shenmei rush to the vast subterranean bioweapons lab"
— Official Synopsis


President Graham sits in the Oval Office re-reading the speech for the Penamstan peace accords. Satisfied in its inflammatory comments, he departs for Andrews Air Force Base where the press conference is taking place. While the stage is being prepared, Patrick gets a call from Leon warning about their recent discovery.

Claire meanwhile wakes up strapped to a chair. Interrogated by Wilson, she learns they are in a secret research facility located beneath Andrews Air Force Base, where they were conducting research into creating super-soldiers. Wilson tries to bribe her silence with a charitable donation to TerraSave's mission in Penamstan, but when this does not work offers the dead soldier's PTSD as a reason why the authorities wouldn't bother investigating him and that he could simply have her killed otherwise. Believing himself to have won regardless, Wilson reveals his true plan - by declaring China a rogue state it would be in Penamstan's best interests for continued American presence. To protect it from China, the Penamstan military would be provided with bioweapons in the form of hundreds of super-soldiers, each effectively enslaved by their dependence on regular doses of an antiretroviral drug only he can provide and which Penamstan will have to make constant orders for, making him vastly wealthy in the process. Claire calls him out on the insanity of his plan, and he begins assaulting her. Jason arrives at facility on an upper level, and is immediately recognised by Claire as the last of the Mad Dogs.

Leon and Shenmei have returned to Washington intent on apprehending Jason. When they enter the facility, they find that Jason has failed to take his medication and is mutating out of control. Wilson himself is seriously injured and infected after being crushed against a capsule. The facility's supercomputer determines a biohazard has taken place, and begins dumping the unconscious soldiers into a vat of highly corrosive acids where they are killed one by one. Shenmei pleas to his senses, but Jason can no longer control his violent impulses and kills her rather than use the chip, planning instead to emerge on the surface and massacre the attendants on live TV. Claire meanwhile is put at risk by the acid, which has reached her floor, and has to climb up for her safety. When he spots her, Leon chooses to save Claire rather than continue pursuing Jason.

On the surface, the peace accords are well underway and Graham is to give his speech. As he approaches the podium he is stopped by Patrick, he informs him of Wilson's involvement. Realising a proxy conflict with China was all Wilson's idea, Graham puts aside the prepared speech and instead talks of his adoration of the Penamstani people for laying down their arms in search of a better future, with the US only helping them with aid for now on.

Back in the underground facility, Leon arms himself with a bazooka ready to blow up Jason if necessary. Using the facility to her advantage, Claire meanwhile takes control of the facility's cranes, and attempts to drop Jason into the acid pool. Both their attempts fail, however, and Jason counters, with Leon almost being knocked into the acid and Claire almost crushed by debris thrown into the control room. Leon catches up and destroys Jason's right arm with a high-power rifle, but rather than kill him Jason spares him in favour of his plans. To save the President, Leon pulls a lever that sends their section falling into the acid, escaping by grabbing hold of a hook.

As the acid begins to recede, Leon finds Jason still alive, though dissolving while embedded onto a piece of metal. He warns him of the spread of true fear, before falling into the pool. Back on the surface, Leon sees Graham off on Air Force One.

Elsewhere, Wilson - still alive - reaches a hideout with one of his allies in the Secret Service. Infected with the virus, he is now reliant on the Inhibitor he created to prevent runaway mutation. A close up shot of the case reveals that the virus, and the inhibitor were in fact created by Tricell with their logo splayed across the case.

In the evening, Leon meets Claire outside the White House, where they have arranged to hand over Jun Shī's chip to the press. Because of the political ramifications however, Leon refuses to do so in favour of purging corruption within the government rather than being a leaker. Claire is disappointed in his decision to support yet another cover-up, and walks away.


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