Uneri yoru kyōfu (うねり ()恐怖 (きょうふ)?) is the forty-seventh issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-published in the fifth tankōbon volume.


Zi Li's arm makes its way through the helicopter from the cockpit. Hendrick shoots one, but a second gets past him and stabs Takeru Tominaga through the shoulder. He takes the machete and cuts off the arm, though part of it is still lodged in his body as he bleeds out. Henrick orders the two to stay in the helicopter while he runs out to deal with Zi Li, who turns to him as he aims his combat shotgun head-on. Though he is able to shoot, Zi Li is able to sever his firearm in two. She impales him twice with her other arms, but he takes out his knife and cuts them, and falls down. Tominaga takes it upon himself to kill Zi Li, and picks up a grenade as she turns her attention back to wrecking the helicopter.


  • Zi Li
  • Hendrick
  • Takeru Tominaga
  • Yuki Mayu


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