Saigo no itte (最後の一手?) is the forty-eighth issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-published in the fifth tankōbon volume.


Takeru Tominaga and Yuki Mayu jump out of the helicopter as Zi Li forces herself in. She succeeds in wrapping an arm around Tominaga and forcing him to the floor. He calls Yuki to escape into the jungle, as he deals with Zi Li alone. Zi Li hoists him in the air, giving him a chance to force the grenade down her mouth. However, Yuki returns and severs Zi Li's arm with the machete while he's ready to pull the pin. As Zi Li turns his attention back to Yuki, Tominaga can no longer use the grenade. He is forced to push her out of the way as Zi Li tries to eat her. With Yuki out of the way, he finally pulls the pin and tosses it into Zi Li's mouth. Before it explodes, he stabs her in the face with the machete and runs off with Yuki. The pain stops her from chasing after them as the grenade explodes.


  • Zi Li
  • Takeru Tominaga
  • Yuki Mayu


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