Episode 4: A Nightmare Revisited is the fourth chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Jill and Parker look in search for a way into the bilge, where they can activate the ship's main power. They take Raymond's advice of searching for Rachel, who he thinks should have retrieved the Lift Key before she disappeared. Going in search for her, Jill begins to wonder if the woman she saw killed by the ooze was Rachel. The identity is proven when the two find and defeat the horrifically-mutated Rachel and retrieve the key. They promptly head down into the bilge.


{Cutscene} 9:28 P.M.
Emergency Communication Room

A recording of a Veltro agent is shown on the monitor.

  • Veltro agent: "We are Veltro, vengeful messengers from the depths of the inferno."

Parker slams his fist on the panel.

  • Parker Luciani: "Damn terrorists!"
  • Raymond Vester: "We killed these bastards, already."
  • Jill Valentine: "It looks like you missed a few. And they're on this ship."
  • Parker Luciani: "And now they want to use the virus to stage another attack?"
  • Raymond Vester: "They seek the truth about Terragrigia... and vengeance."

Raymond leaves the emergency communication room.


  • Parker Luciani: "Jill, look at this. The whole ship's out of power. The ship's running on emergency power, but the comms system needs the main power. We need to bring the engine room back online, but that won't be easy."

Upon reaching the hall:

  • Jill Valentine: "Raymond!"
  • Raymond Vester: "Take it. You might need it. Like you said, turning on the power won't be easy."

Upon acquiring the Iron Anchor Key:

  • Raymond Vester: "That key will get you through the casino on the first floor. Then you'll find a lift to take you to the bilge. But tell me something first. You didn't see any other FBC members here, did you? I can't reach my partner, Rachel. Damn it... I haven't heard from her since she went to the bilge."

Heading down the stairs:

  • Jill Valentine: "Should we look for this Rachel woman?"
  • Parker Luciani: "We can, but after we bring back the ship's power."

Upon activating the power to the casino:

  • Parker Luciani: "It's a luxury ship. They have things like casinos."

Upon turning on the fountain:

  • Jill Valentine: "Holy sh-"
  • Parker Luciani: "Shit, it's been infected! Watch out!"
  • Jill Valentine: "I saw these in the video..."
  • Parker Luciani: "A gift from our friend in the gas mask? I should thank him."

When all are dead:

  • Jill Valentine: "Finally quieted down a little."

When you use the slot machine:

  • Parker Luciani: "So I can get more coins with this? I wish I had one of these at home."

When you reach the lift:

  • Parker Luciani: "Here's the lift. Hope it still works."

When you examine the control panel:

  • Parker Luciani: "Oh, Christ. The key's gone."
  • Jill Valentine: "I'll look around for it."
  • Parker Luciani: "Okay, I'll check around here, see if it turns up."
  • Jill Valentine: "Radio me if you find it."

When you get off the lift:

  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Didn't Raymond say his partner was in the bilge? That means Rachel or whoever has the key. We just have to find her."
  • Jill Valentine: "I think I might have an idea where she is..."
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "That corpse you ran into earlier?"
  • Jill Valentine: "Yeah, I just pray it wasn't her."

Aproaching where Rachel died:

  • Rachel: "Found you..."

Going down the stairs to where Rachel was seen being attacked earlier:

  • Jill Valentine: "Okay, it was around here..."

After reading Rachel's diary:

  • Rachel: "Found you..."

Rachel flees up the stairs.

  • Jill Valentine: "Oh, shit! You--!"
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Jill, what's wrong!?"
  • Jill Valentine: "I found the target. But she's a zombie."
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Isn't that always the case..."

When Rachel takes too much damage, she flees.

  • Rachel: "It hurts. It hurts!"
  • Jill Valentine: "She got away! She's in the ducts!"
  • Parker Luciani (via radio): "Go after her! She could have the key. The ducts are all connected."
  • Jill Valentine: "Okay, I'm on it."
  • Parker Luciani: "I'll make my way to your position soon!"

When you get to the mess hall:

  • Parker Luciani: "Jill! Are you OK!?"

When the Lift Key is claimed:

  • Jill Valentine: "So it really was Rachel..."
  • Parker Luciani: "Not the end I'd wish for."

When Jill and Parker return up the cargo elevator:

  • Jill Valentine: "Does this mean Veltro fooled the FBC, too?"
  • Parker Luciani: "Don't know. Maybe they're just using whoever they can. Right now we need to worry more about getting this ship operational."


The elevator goes down.

  • Jill Valentine: "I hear something."

The sound of water can be heard coming from the bilge.

  • Parker Luciani: "Straight into the depths of hell."—level end --


Reaching the liftEdit

Leave the room and talk to Raymond. He'll give you the Iron Anchor Key. Go down the stairs and unlock the door under them. You will then be in the casino. The lights are out, so go up the stairs at the other end of the room and activate the power. Head back down to the stairs to the fountain and press the control next to it. The t-Abyss virus will be released into the pond, infecting the fish. Kill them; one will reveal the Coin.

Use the coin on one of the lightened-up slot machines. You will win at least one coin back in your first attempt - this may depend on difficulty. Eventually you will win the "Bundle of Coins" necessary for opening the door to the VIP room door next to the power lever. Your target is 107g of coins. The first group of coins should be 4.

From the VIP room, head down the two ladders and up the third, longer one. Eventually you will leave the ventilation vents and exit next to the lift to the bilge. Going onto the large lift and examining the first control panel will reveal that it needs a key.

Finding the key - RachelEdit

Leave Parker behind and go through the large door. Down the corridor will be a large cargo lift. Next to the door is a panel; you'll have to open it with the screwdriver and untangle the wires to form a symmetrical shape. The door will be unlocked and you can enter. Go down to the bilge. Head to the kitchen; a woman can be heard humming to a tune. Ammo can be found in the room where you tried to recover "Chris" in Episode 1 along with an ooze.

Continue as you did in Episode 1 to where Rachel was attacked. After the cabins, there is a locked door; you now have the Iron Anchor Key to open in. Inside is more ammo; an MP5 and a weapon box. Go down to Rachel's room. You will see that she is gone. Read her diary to continue - when you have finished reading, Rachel will be seen peering into the window before fleeing.

When you head back to the stairs, Rachel will climb out of a vent (either behind you or up the stairs) or else run down the stairs. She is very powerful, but must be defeated to progress the level. Eventually she will have enough and flee. Continue up the stairs. When you reach the cabins, she will again attack; fight her off again. She will meet you a third time outside the cabins near the stairs and a final time in the mess hall. When she is down, you can claim the key from her.

An alternative way of doing this that saves up on ammo is to run back to the elevator, automatically-triggering Parker's arrival. Simply walk with him back to where you last fought Rachel and he will take her out for you. Regardless, you must claim the Lift Key. Head back for the elevator; reaching it will trigger Rachel's heavy-breathing sound, putting doubt on her death at the hands of Jill and Parker. Hop aboard and head up. When you reach the lift to the bilge, place the key in and go down.


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