Satsuei kaishi is the fourth chapter in the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was re-released as part of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island 1 tankōbon. The title translates as "Shooting Start".


On the beach of Sonido de Tortuga Island, the equipment has been set up and shooting is about to begin.[excerpt 1] The crew dig a hole as part of an entertainment gimmick, expecting one of the contestants to fall in it. AD Tominaga covers the hole with a sheet and marks it for the crew with some driftwood.[excerpt 2] The director calls for shooting to commence before AD is ready,[excerpt 3]

The show starts, introducing the contestants who make striking poses before they begin; some of them are addressed respectively. Zi Li (Chinese: Zǐ Lì; Pinyin: 紫麗, an Asian contestant, is shown alongside Laura Bierce, a "Hollywood gem" (ハリウッド宝石) and Mayu, the Japanese contestant. Kylie is the defending champion (前回優勝者) and is described as "Wild and Big" (ワイルド&ビッグ), while Millie is described only as "Mysterious" (ザ・ミステリアス ミリー). Crazy Alex then joins the cast as the presenter, declaring the start of the fourth Idol Survival series. The game starts and the idols begin running into the jungle, followed cosely by their personal cameramen.

Mayu, paired up with AD, is worried he is ill when he begins sweating, unaware it is in response to her cutesy glances for the camera.[excerpt 4] The two stop and AD notices Coco, one of the contestants he saw in the jungle the day earlier. He realises he didn't see her at the start of the competition and that she looks injured. He eventually catches on that she is a zombie.[excerpt 5] Remembering Raccoon City, AD cannot believe the same virus from that city could be on Sondido de Tortuga.[excerpt 6]

When Coco disappears, AD and Mayu conclude they'd imagined the whole thing with some persuasion.[excerpt 7] AD receives loud complaints on his earpiece from the staff, angered that he isn't pointing his camera at Mayu.[excerpt 8] Stage 1 of the gameshow begins when the two arrive. The object is to collect a series of cards scattered across the jungle; the person who finds the least is dropped out.[excerpt 9] It is Tominaga's job to record Mayu's progress for the purpose of counting.[excerpt 10] Kylie runs over and kicks Mayu, sending her to the floor. She then takes a card Mayu found and sarcastically apologises. Crazy Alex spots this on the cameras and calls out her dirty tactics, but refuses to disqualify her. Instead, he jokes about Mayu's "heavy chested"-ness and suggests she'll be the dropout due to having no cards.[excerpt 11]

Mayu is angered by Kylie's cheating and ignores AD's suggestion of looking for more cards, in favour of hunting down Kylie. AD warns her not to break any rules.[excerpt 12] Catching up, the two see a large man in a tribal mask impale Kylie with a spear.




  1. "ビーチでは本格的な撮影が始まろうとしていた…"
  2. "この穴は"
  3. "お――しッ"
  4. Mayu: "あ…あの…大丈夫ですか? 目の下…クマが…"
    AD: "だ… 大丈夫ですよ!!!"
  5. 'AD: "昨日このジャングルで見たココさん…"
  6. AD: "1998年"
  7. AD: "昨夜のこと"
    Mayu: "それで"
    AD: "いや"
  8. Director: "トミナガ!! カメラにマユが入ってねぇ!!何やってんだ!!"
    "ADさん!! 集中して!"
  9. "事前にジャングルに配置したカードを集める"
  10. AD: "僕の仕事はカードを捜すマユちゃんの姿をハンドカメラで追うことだ"
  11. Crazy Alex: "どうも日本からのチャレンジャーは胸が重過ぎのようだ"
  12. AD: "まだカードはあるはず!! すぐ他のカードを捜そう!!"
    Mayu: "そんな時間い!! カイリーのを奪う!!"
    AD: "ええッ!? ルール的には有りだけど強引じゃないかな!?"

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