The Episode 5-3 ending (tentative) is the ending cutscene to "Secrets Uncovered", the fifth episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Keith and Quint finds the coordinates of the Queen Zenobia and sends them to Chris. Chris and Jessica are on their way to the Queen Zenobia.


Quint Cetcham: I can't find the call log. I'll have to try something else.

Keith Lumley: No sweat. You're good with machines. The ladies on the other hand...

Quint: Grinder!

Keith: What's going on!?

Quint: We need to contact HQ A-sap!

Clive R. O'Brian: HQ here. O'Brian speaking. What's--

Quint (on radio): This is Jackass. I got the coordinates on the ship. I'm sending them now.

O'Brian: Good work. That's music to my ears.

Keith: Nice one, getting the coordinates like that.

Quint: Well, I could have calculated travel time,last known route, but that would've taken too long.

Keith: That's why I said "Nice one."

Quint: You don't understand, I didn't calculate anything. We're not the only ones looking for that ship.

Keith: Wait, what are you talkin' about? You're saying Veltro ran from their own hideout, and now they're looking for their own ship?

Quint: That's what I'm saying. But I have no idea if any of the info I gleaned is for real or not.

Keith: Great. So we have no idea who we're up against?

Quint: Exactly. And that's a piece of the puzzle we really need.

Chris Redfield: Chris here. I received the coordinates.

Jessica Sherawat: That's not far. We can be there in no time.

Chris: O'Brian, we're on our way!

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