The Episode 5-3 opening (tentative) is the opening cutscene to the third part of "Secrets Uncovered", the sixth episode of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Keith and Quint used the key to access the airplane's computer, allowing them to report back to headquarters, telling the director the coordinates of the ship that Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani were supposedly on board. They can proceed to the crash site.


Clive R. O'Brian: "OK. I understand the situation. The security token you found likely belongs to the freighter that crashed."

Quint Cetcham (on radio): "Boss, have you heard from Jill and Parker yet?"

O'Brian: "No, not yet. They're investigation led them out to sea, but we're lost track of the ship."

10:48 P.M.
Near the Crash Site

Keith Lumley: "That doesn't sound good. I hope they're OK."

O'Brian (on radio): "Yeah, me too. They're been out of contact too long. and I'm starting to get worried."
"Find a terminal at the crash site, and see what you can learn of Veltro's plans."

Keith: "The crash site's just up ahead. C'mon."

Quint: "Wouldn't it be great Grinder if we find the key to ending this whole mission!"

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