Epilogue is the fiftieth and final issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. Epilogue was re-published in the fifth tankōbon volume.


Several weeks after the incident on Zanahoria Island, Claire Redfield finishes off her report. Her report discusses the experiment conducted by Dr. Alex Wesker's few remaining loyalists, and the attempts by rival organisations to claim it for themselves.

Moving on to the survivors' actions in recent weeks, Redfield details that Hendrick survived his injuries and was able to call back the other helicopter. Yuki Mayu and Takeru Tominaga returned to Japan, where Tominaga's connection to her and the events earned him a more established career. Marilou Mabou is now living with the aid of TerraSave following the loss of her family and the village. The White Castle has been abandoned and left at the island, which is itself under quarantine. She is hopeful that the island will return to being a tourist destination, unaware that the zombified Laura Bierce has survived and continues to live on the island.


  • Claire Redfield
  • Takeru Tominaga
  • Marilou Mabou
  • Yuki Mayu
  • Laura Bierce
  • Hendrick


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