Episode 5: Secrets Uncovered is the fifth chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Keith Lumley, along with his partner Quint Cetcham, was sent by Director O'Brian to infiltrate and investigate the Valkoinen Mökki Airport. There, they witnessed a Veltro agent violently mauled to death by a Farfarello B.O.W., which allowed them to obtain the key for the crashed airplane's computer. After collecting the key, they made their way to the crash site, previously visited by Jessica Sherawat and Chris Redfield.

There they met even more Farfarello and the Fenrir B.O.W.. After defeating the creatures, they used the key to access the airplane's computer, allowing them to report back to headquarters, telling the director the coordinates of the ship that Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani were supposedly on board. O'Brian then informs Jessica and Chris of the situation and sends them on a rescue mission.


20:20 PM
Valkoinen Mökki Airport

Keith: It's freezing.

Quint: Jackass here. We arrived at Valkoinen Mokki Airport.

Clive: This is Forkball. Good job.
Get the lay of the surroundings and continue with your mission.

Keith: So, uh, how do you want us to proceed, O'Brian?

Clive: Up to you. Do what you think is best.

Operative: What took you two so long?

Keith: At least we're here. What's up with Veltro?

Operative: Not sure. We haven't found a thing. No clues, nothing.

Keith: So now what?

Operative:There's an underground chamber.
We're preparing to storm it now.

Quint: Well, that sounds like a job for us, don't it, Grinder?

Operative: Wait, we haven't received authorization yet--

Keith: It's alright. We're on it, OK?
Besides, if you need someone to sniff something out, ain't no one better than my boy here.

Quint: I'm right here, Grinder.

Keith:So you followed Jessica home?
You know where she lives now?

Quint: Almost. I had her until the very end, but I lost her near the--
Hey! You think I'm a stalker, don't you!

Keith: You said it. C'mon, let's go.


Keith: *ad-lib*

Quint: こちら”ジャッカス”

Clive: こちら”フォークボール” ご苦労
現場の状況を確認後 早速捜査に移ってくれ

Keith: やり方は俺たちで決めていいなオブライエン?

Clive: 任せる 君らは自由にさせる他ないからな

Operative: 運かったな キース クエント

Keith: バックレるよりマシだろ

Operative: わからん 現在まで手掛かりなし
情報なし 皆無だ

Keith: じゃあ どうする?

Operative: この先に地下室がある
現在 突入作戦を検討中だ

Quint: さて この新展開

Operative: 待て まだ突入許可は出ていない…

Keith: いいから 任せとけって な?

Quint: 聞こえてるぞグラインダー!


Quint: ほぼあとちょっとまで行ったんですがすんでのところで見失い…
ってストーカー扱いは やめなさい!

Keith: 自白した いいから行くそ


Further notes

  • Shortly after Quint yells after knocking over a drum can by accident and reminded by Keith that he suggested they stay quiet, Quint stated that "Sometimes, even Homer nods off, you know?", referring to Homer Simpson from The Simpsons.
  • After waiting a while in the room with claw marks, Quint will say "What movie is this; Snow all around; a lonely outpost... and a creature attacking the staff." before being told off by Keith, referring to John Carpenter's The Thing.


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