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Morio is an issue of the BIOHAZARD heavenly island manga series. It was originally published in the March 12, 2015 edition of Weekly Shōnen Champion.


Mike and Zi Li approach the Shaman's temple. Finding it guarded be three armed men - one with a handgun; one with a rifle and another with a bat. Mike attacks the three from behind. The man armed with a handgun has his eyes poked; he falls into his friend, who hits him with the bad by accident before also having his eyes poked. Mike disappears behind the final man and breaks his neck. Entering the temple, they find Inéz and Marilou tied-up on the floor. Seeing a four-armed human bio-weapon tied up in the temple, Mike jokes they have stumbled onto Captain William Kidd's treasure island, as the lack of information on the creature indicates there is more to the island than was expected.

Elsewhere, Mayu and AD are still being stalked by the harpoon-wielding creature. AD struggles to think of what an action movie protagonist would do to get out of the situation; Mayu is in no position to help herself so relies entirely on him. When the creature approaches, AD nicknames it Morio as a joke and challenges it to a fight to divert its attention from Mayu.



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