The Episode 8-3 opening (tentative) is the opening cutscene to All on the Line's third act in Resident Evil: Revelations.


The teams are swapping wih members and going further. Jill is going with Chris and Parker is going with Jessica.


2:14 A.M.

Parker Luciani: "What a terrible loss..."

Jill Valentine: "This ship doesn't have much longer."
"We can't let this virus contaminate the sea."

Chris Redfield: "We've already searched the Queen Semiramis so I think I know where this ship's lab is."
"We're headed there now."

Parker: "Alright. I'll try to find a way to delay the sinking."
"Jessica, you with me?"

Jessica Sherawat: "Yeah..."
"Well, a little friendly partner swapping should keep us on our toes."

Chris: "Roger that. We'll take care of the virus."
"You two buy us some time."

Parker: "Got it."
"Jill, this works anywhere, even underwater."
"It should slow those things down."

Jill: "Thanks, Chris".

Chris: "Also, I've marked off all the possible locations for the lab."

Jessica: "He never got the hint... What a drag."

Parker: "Maybe he's already taken, Jessica."

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