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Episode 8: All on the Line is the eighth chapter of Resident Evil: Revelations.


Morgan talk to O'Brian on the phone about the whole situation in Queen Zenobia. Once O'Brian and the BSAA has the truth, Morgan's mistake won't be repeated. Jill and Parker must find a way to escape the flood of the ship.


Morgan Lansdale (phone): "Immediate containment is imperative. Far too much is at stake here. You are blinded. A humanist with no cause. It's a lost cause, Director O'Brian."

O'Brian: "Feel free to cut the bullshit, Morgan. You're playing with fire again. But this time you will get burned."

Morgan (phone): "Loose ends can only exacerbate the situation. Think twice, director, or you may regret it."

O'Brian: "Boy, you never disappoint, Morgan. But once we have the truth, your mistakes will never be repeated."

Jill Valentine: "Parker!"

Parker Luciani: "Yeah, time to clear out."



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