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Edadication Operation Notes is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.


This file can be found in the "Umbrella's End 1" level.[1]


Even after the mansion incident had ended, the "cannibal disease" (T-virus) had spread to Raccoon City, plunging it into a state of panic. The city was quarantined, while R.P.D. officers and U.B.C.S. soldiers attempted to rescue its citizens. The situation grew more and more desperate, and the possibility of the virus spreading beyond the quarantine was growing.

The U.S. government was concerned and called a nationwide conference to discuss the next step. They formulated a plan for the complete eradication of the city. In compliance, on October 1st, 1998, the military launched a of strategic missile into the heart of the city. Raccoon City, with its 100,000 inhabitants, was forever wiped from the face of the earth.





Since the Mansion Incident, the strange disease known as the "Cannibal disease" (a t-Virus epidemic) extended to the entire city, and Raccoon City fell into a state of panic. While Martial Law was drawn to the entire city, frantic citizen rescue operations by the U.B.C.S. and police followed with difficulties. The deterioration of the situation meant that transmission to the city outskirts was inevitable.

The US government weighed the situation and opened Congress to discuss the emergency, where they voted on the worst-case scenario, the "Sterilization Operation".

October 1, 1998

The military launched a stategic missile toward the city centre to eradicate the virus. It was wiped from the earth together with all 100,000 victims.



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