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Escape For Halloween
"You were planning on hitting up a Halloween party. You had your costume all ready and everyone was going to be there. It was supposed to be fun, but on your way, you were kidnapped and placed in some nefarious Umbrella project. Will you be able to escape the Mastermind's devious experiment and make it to the party, or will you wind up a dissected corpse on a table?"
— Site description

Escape For Halloween was a Twitter campaign held by @dev1_official which started on October 28, 2019.[1]


A special website was set up by Capcom with a challenge, players are supposed to escape the Mastermind to get to a halloween party.

There are a total of nine "situations", these are essentially questions and players must select the right choice to proceed to the next situation. The correct answer will change every time the player retries the game, however, it is impossible to fail the first situation.

Whenever a death happens, the player can then share their progress on Twitter. Those lucky enough to reach the end and choose to select to share their result will have their tweet retweeted by @dev1_official.

Japanese players could also have won a Resident Evil: Resistance t-shirt by following the instructions shown in the website, which would then add them to a raffle.

Ultimately, only 13 players worldwide were able to reach the end of the game.[2]


Situation Possible Answers Death
You find some large double doors. Go alone

Wait for friends

The security camera is watching you. Get out of there quickly
Stick to the shadows as you move
Destroy the camera
You're shot by a machine gun while caught in a bear trap.
You need a key. Search for the item on the right
Search for the item in the middle
Search for the item on the left
Leave it to your friends
You're attacked by a zombie.
There's a door to a room. Enter

Survey the area
Ignore it and move on

You're attacked by a Cerberus dog.
You discover a trap! Move past it carefully
Shoot it
You set off the booby trap.
Your friend disables the security system. Cover them
Keep looking around
You're attacked by a Licker.
You've missed the elevator. Tough break! Wait for the elevator to come back
Find another route
You're surrounded by zombies.
Your friend is dying! Help them
Leave them
You're attacked by the dealer zombie.
A Tyrant appears! Stay hidden
Run away
You've been caught by the Tyrant.


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