Escape from the Dead City (AC-004) is an Action card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game. It is featured in some of the game's most basic in-game scenarios due to its overly beneficial effects. It costs 70 gold to purchase from the Resource Area.


It's a costly but simple Action card that gives the player that uses it +1 card as well as +2 Actions. The card has no other effects, making it one of the easiest cards to exploit without ill reprucussions. It's very easy to stack multiple cards of this type to gain more Actions and possibly more cards. This card could easily be combined with a pair of Deadly Aim (AC-002) Actions to add +20 damage and +40 ammo to a weapon. Another strategy a player could use is combining its Action stacking capabilities with the Semi-Automatic Rifle, which gets +10 damage for every Action played the same turn it is used. Actions featured in later scenarios that mimic its effects include "Reload" and "Umbrella Corporation".

The artwork on the card is taken from official artwork of Resident Evil 4, depicting Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Ashley Graham being surrounded by Los Ganados.

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