Escape from the Tower is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 5 of Leon Story.


In the helicopter, the two agents found a compact left behind by Ada with a hidden compartment. Inside the compartment was a small data disk containing all of the evidence needed to prove that Simmons was behind the bioterrorist attacks, the evidence to ensure Leon's innocence. When Leon said it would prove both of their innocence, Helena could only sadly remark that she did not need it. Before he could retort, Hannigan called to inform the two of them that a way to stop the C-Virus was found. Before the collapsing Quad Tower could catch up to them completely, they made their escape in Ada's helicopter.


Helena: "Is that Ada's?"
"Leon, this is-"

Leon: "Evidence that proves Simmons' guilt."

Helena: "Which means it will prove your innocence."

Leon: "Our innocence."

Helena: "I don't need it."

Leon: "Helena."

Ingrid: "Good news, Leon."
"We found a way to defeat the virus."

Leon: "Copy that. We're on our way back."
"See you soon."
"Let's go."

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